Willbegone's Turkey week 2010 TR!


We are back from a great and relaxing trip to the World! So here goes the TR…

Me, DH, DD (10) and DS (3)

Friday Nov. 19, 2010
We decided to leave home at 4AM so the kids would sleep and there would be less traffic on the roads. We left right before 4AM and by 4:15AM all of us were asleep (except DH of course :laugh:). We stopped in Darien, GA at the BK for breakfast and were back on the road. We arrived at OKW at 12:15PM and check in was a breeze. Our room was ready! We got studio 1816 in the Miller’s Road section. Seemed kind of fitting since our last name is Miller.:smile:


A few pics of our room:


Oops forgot to rotate the top one. When we checked in the kids got balloon swords and glow stick necklaces. That made OKW their favorite resort EVER! :laugh: So easy to please my kids.

After check in we headed to a grocery store to pick up milk. We returned to the room, unpacked and then went to Fort Wilderness a little early. We had a 5:00PM ADR for Trail’s End. We had alot of time to kill so we went over to the stables and Aidan rode one of the ponies. Alas, Emilie is too tall for this activity. A parent had to lead the horse and there was a marked trail right around the area. Aidan loved it and at $5 we thought it was worth the cost.


We still had almost 30 minutes to kill se went over to the playground. We decided to just check in early at 4:30PM. So while we waited on our buzzer (a whole whopping 5 minutes) Aidan played with the blocks while DH and Emilie started checkers.


We were seated on the bottom floor near the bar and we had a GREAT server. To our pleasant surprise Trail’s End serves…SWEET TEA!!! We gave a little cheer, yeah we were the crazy southerners cheering for sweet tea.:laugh: This is a buffet for dinner and it had fried chicken, ribs, peel 'n eat shrimp, roast beef, salad, sides and the same corn bread as that served at Hoop De Doo. Both restaurants share a kitchen so alot of the food was similar. It was yummy and filling as we had skipped lunch that day. After we were completely stuffed our server offered to take our pic with the bear by door.


We then waddled back to the boat dock. While in line I looked at my kids and they were just glowing, so happy to be in WDW again. That look on their faces and my DH’s stress free face are worth every penny we pay for these trips. We were all happy, relaxed and excited to be in our favorite place. We got back to the room and were in bed and asleep by 9PM. We were looking forward to our first day in the parks at Epcot and to finally find out if Aidan was 40’ and able to ride Soarin’.


Yes, a TR! There aren’t many out there right now. Your kids are very cute and I’m glad to hear how happy you were to be there!


It sounds like Trail’s End needs to be added to my list. I am from the Midwest but would still cheer for sweet tea!!!


Great start to the TR. Can’t wait to read more! :slight_smile:


YUMMM< Sweet tea. Nothing better to drink in my opinion…


I’m so excited you wrote a trip report. We were there the same time as you, but I forgot to write my notes every night…so I’m really excited to read yours!!


Looking forward to your report! I’m also very interested in hearing how Aidan likes/endures the different rides & activities as we are taking our soon to be 3-yr-old DGD in Oct.


Yay! A turkey day TR! :happy:


Aw - you all (or should I be saying y’all:happy:?) look so happy to be back at WDW!! Can’t wait to hear more.


Saturday Nov. 20 Epcot
So this trip we decided to fore go the park hoppers, save a little $ and plan accordingly. So it was one park per day. Today was Epcot. We are early morning people so we always do rope drops. We were at Epcot 45 minutes early and ended up behind some of the most obnoxious people ever. My DH had to ask the dad to watch his mouth because he started cussing and we DO NOT use that type of language ever and my kids were just appalled. Finally we were let thru the turnstyles. We waited another 10 minutes for the ropes to drop. I was looking around and noticed the crowds were not bad at all. We headed straight for Soarin’ and measured Aidan… HE IS NOW TALL ENOUGH! He is right on the 40" mark! We were so excited, we can now ride together as a family and he no longer misses out. (DS will be 4 in January) We basically walked right on. DS ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! :goofybounce: That was a relief! We walked straight over the Living with the Land, walked right on. My kids love this ride. We then decided to chage our usual routine and go to TT since DS is now tall enough. We walk over there and the wait posted is 10 minutes, REALLY? I’ve never seen this. So we get in line and walk straight up to the preshow area. AWESOME! We hop in and begin our vehicle testing procedures. It has been 3 years since I’ve been on TT as I usually choose to stay with DS. I’ve missed it! After our vehicle passed we took a look at the showroom cars. I REALLY liked the midsize Buick SUV. DS again LOVED TT! We are 2 for 2!

FYI: I got a new camera for Christmas last year but DH seems to hog it. So we got no pics during the first part of the day until dinner which I’ll post later. DH doesn’t like to slow down for pics. More to come later this evening!


The lack of lines sounds FANTASTIC! Love it!


After TT we headed to DS’s favorite Epcot attraction, JII with Figment. He absolutely LOVES it and asked to watch the You Tube vidoe of it almost everyday for 2 weeks before we left. We of course walked right on. Next we decided to see Captain EO, I vaguely remember seeing it in 1986 when it came out (I was 10). I forgot how intense it is though. Emilie liked it and thought the clothes were funny. Aidan was ok with it but didn’t want to see it again, but neither did I. After jamming with Micheal and the aliens we were hungry so we headed to Electric Umbrella for lunch. Why? I have no idea! It was not good at all. We’ve been before and it was ok but this was just YUCK! After our subpar lunch we headed back to OKW for some rest.

After we were recharged we headed back to Epcot for ADR at Teppan Edo. DH and I had eaten here 11 years ago on our anniversary and wanted to give it another try. We were sat with a great family from NC who was on their first visit. Our chef was good and food was good too. It wasn’t as good as our local Japanese steak house but good. I had scallops, DD had shrimp, DH had steak and chicken, and DS chicken. Of course the white sauce can make anything taste good to us :laugh:.

Here is our onion volcano and onion micky our chef prepared for us:


Even though I had just had a full meal with a small dessert (DS took my dessert the ginger chocolate cake so I only about 2 bites) I was craving a cream horn from Norway thanks to that wonderful snacks thread a few weeks ago. So we popped in there and I got one, DH got the pretzel, DD and DS cookies. Here is a pic just those of you who want to drool on your keyboards. It wasy SOOOOOOOO good!


With my craving satisfied we strolled on out of the World Showcase on our way we ran into Donald Duck. After a short visit with our favorite duck we continued on our journey to see Duffy the Disney bear was out signing autographs. The line was very short so we stopped in. DS does not like to look at the camera on demand so lots of pics he is looking the other way.


We then decided to head over to The Seas to take a ride on the clam mobiles and visit our man Bruce. We did not do Turtle Talk as we had just seen it in April and DS doesn’t like to be still that long. We checked out the manatees and then headed over to finish our night off with Spaceship Earth. Again my kids love this! I know it is different but I’m glad they enjoy it. We headed back to OKW to dream of AK the next day.