Wine and Food Festival?


Does the Wine and Food Festival go during the week or just the weekend? I’m a seasons pass holder and am looking to get down for a day or so and it’s easier for me to get away during the week.


7 days a week. We avoid the Sat/Sun crowds since the fest is VERY popular with many local guests for a 1-2 day trip. Mon-Thus are the best days to hit the fest. We will be there on Friday since DD only has 4 days with us.


Perfect! I was hoping so, as I work a lot on the weekends and it’s easier for me to get away during the week. I’ll have to try to find a day or two during the week to get away. Thanks!


Def skip the weekend if you can. That has been our only Disney experience which was not cool at all. Younger people intoxicated to the point of heaving in the bushes; people being carried out by ‘friends’…etc. The week was less crowded and more in tune to the experience you want from a WDW trip.


Weekends of F&W are crazy crowded. I loved F&W during the week, but I would not go into Epcot on the weekend. I read the warnings before I went, but I thought “how bad can it be?” The answer is bad, really bad!


Uggg…I don’t need to go to EPCOT to see that…I’ll be sure that I never go during that time period…:eek:


Oh, if you get a chance to go during F&W fest do it. Just hit the other parks on Sat/Sun.


Yes—sorry—I didn’t mean I wouldn’t go at all!! I just would go to the other parks on the weekends if I am there at the same time.


Not to mention people in pink tutus dancing in the Fountain of Nations:blow::laugh:


…oh I might like to get a few pictures of that…:laugh::laugh:


On Saturdays, I head to DHS for the early open and leave by 10 to have breakfast. I usually avoid all parks during weekend afternoons and don’t head back until it’s time for night time spectaculars. I wouldn’t suggest doing F&W during weekends because it is really crowded and not very enjoyable.
Weekend afternoons we head to DTD to shop one day and I usually go boating on Seven Seas Lagoon the other day, weather permitting.


If you don’t have video - it wasn’t me.




OMG!! Those were my friends… seriously!! Too much drunken drama for me! This year DH and I chose to go solo on a Sunday and Monday and what a difference!!! Much more enjoyable!