Wine store in Germany


Does anyone know if they sell German beer in the wine store in Epcot? We’ve been in the store many times, but never looked to see if they have beer too.


Ok, Loretta, one more time. It is a WINE store :laugh::laugh:

Actually, I don’t think that I have seen beer there.



Actually, I don’t think that I have seen beer there.[/QUOTE]

Neither have I.


Maybe we’ll just buy a bottle of WINE and drink that back at the resort.


France sells wine. Lot’s and lot’s of wine.

Oh wait, but you wanted Beer :blush:


Disney is missing an opportunity to make money and expand their M&G options.


—my favorite part of Germany----the Gummy Bears—they are the freshest Gummy Bears you can buy! :slight_smile: They don’t go with Beer tho :blow:


Since I don’t drink beer (hate the taste, sorry Boss) so maybe I’ll get me some of those gummy bears. Maybe they’d go with the WINE. :huh:


Yes they do.


Wine works too.


Lol Ok Rich says they do go with Beer. I’m not a beer drinker so I’ll take his word for it. :laugh: