Winnie The Pooh Breakfast Lasagna


My DH read about the Winnie the Pooh breakfast lasagna on the Disney food blog. Is this still on the menu at the Crystal Palace? Or, another Disney restaurant? Has anyone tried it???


Is was alive and well when I was there in May. This is my favorite breakfast item on the entire buffet line - it’s SO amazing! I was happy to see it back as it was not there the year before. I must have just caught them on a “lasagna-less” day.


Im thinking about making reservations at CP just to try it.The recipe looks intense otherwise I might try to make it at home. My luck, they wont have it when we go… :eek:


I guess it’s a while since I’ve had breakfast at CP or I just don’t remember breakfast lasagna. I do recall breakfast pizza, but I prefer the puffed French toast.

Now I’ve read the recipe and I can see why I wouldn’t try it: fruit.
If I could remove the fruit without destroying it completely, perhaps.
Of course, I could make it at home and substitute some form of chocolate or just make it as is minus the fruit.


It’s worth a shot. It’s not with the other buffet food, but in the center where the toasters are.


Yummy. It was there last year


We will be there in October this year… can’t wait to see if it’s on the menu! =)