Winter Dessert Fireworks Party


I was just on reading their review of the dessert party @ MK.

And looky what it said:

"It was exciting to hear them already discussing how the menu items will change in the winter months … a sure sign they’re hoping to continue the dessert party well after this initial summer preview! I think they’ve done a superb job at getting the party off the ground and I hope that it become’s one of those must-do events we all come to know and love! "

Sounds promising, huh?


Yay that’s great news!


I don’t expect it will help us, they’re fully booked through to the 28th., but I’m glad to hear they are looking at continuing it. Hopefully next time…


We’re going in December. Mmmm, maybe they’ll have it then? I hope!


Dessert AND Fireworks!!! :wub:


That’s great news, it looks like it may continue past summer.


Ahhhh, see! That’s GREAT news!


Yay!! I’m so happy about this! :wub: I want to go again!


Well here’s hoping they do extend it into the winter months. I might be able to talk DH into it by then. :slight_smile:


Yeah! for you and Bel’s B-days!!! :cool::happy:


Yay! That would make for an AWESOME birthday!! Unlimited desserts, fireworks . . . WOW!


Talk him into it!! So good and so worth the money, REALLY!!

If you like fireworks and dessert . . . it’s delightful! :wub:


Yay!!! Not that I have any chance of going this winter either…but…maybe it will become permanent…that would be yay!


as with most info not posted on the official site I don’t know how true this is but seems like I read somewhere that it wouldn’t be available this fall due to a conflict during MNSSHP. Hope it will be since we’ll be there in Oct but don’t know about how accurate either info is.


Ooo I do hope they make this a permanent thing it sounds great!