Winter discounts


Disney Visa discount released today. Stay, Play and dine from 1/5 - 3/5 and room discounts from 1/5 - 4/12. Have to check in within those dates. There are two new PIN offers floating around for that time frame as well one is a room offer and the other is free dining. They are verified by person and address and are not transferable. This offer goes live for the general public on 10/8. Heads up.


YES!!! PLEASE don’t black out my weekend I was going to hit park after cruise…OH PLEASE!PLEASE!


CORRECTION:: Room only must be within the dates. Stay, play and dine is check in by.


This may sound like a silly question but how do you know which discount is better? The room only or the stay play and dine? In both of my previous trips we’ve never gotten any discount so how does one tell which on us better?


They’re basically equal value for Disney - it depends on what is best for your vacation style. To get the stay, play, and dine (also known as free dining), you have to purchase a package which includes your hotel and park tickets. If you need to purchase park tickets as well and typically eat one table service meal per day, then the stay, play, and dine (free dining) offer would probably be your best choice. (Also note that value resorts only get the QS counter service plan for free). But if you’re an annual passholder or already have your WDW tickets (or are a Florida Resident, Military, AAA, have resale tickets, etc.), then you’ll want the room only discount.