Wireless Availability


What is the status of wi fi availability? Is this something you have to purchase or is it available to all? We are staying in one of the wilderness cabins in late June and would like to know whether we should bring our laptop or not.:cheshire:


If there’s Internet it’s not free, it’s about $10 a day. I’m sort of computer dumb but I think WiFi means wireless–Right? Would you believe my DH is an IT? You can connect but in the rooms I’ve stayed in there’s a cable to connect to the little hole in the wall.


I’m not sure about wireless availability at wilderness cabins, but I’m almost certain it would be available. For some reason, I’m thinking wireless connection costs around $16/day (of course, I may be confusing this with some other resort)… a pretty hefty fee if you aren’t going to be doing much online. I would guess that you’d be spending most of your time in the park and that wireless internet would be the least of your worries… but you might want to bring your laptop to show pictures at the end of the trip.


Disney World Wi-Fi: High Speed Wireless Internet Access

Wi-Fi is available to Guests staying at select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Guests with Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers or PDA’s will be able to access the Internet from the common areas of each resort.

Smart City is the vendor providing this service and 24-hour technical support for those Guests who need it.

Requirements: Requires a wireless interface card (WIC), available for purchase in the resort’s business center.

Price: $4.99 for the first 60 minutes or $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours

Billing: Smart City will bill the Guests using a secure credit card transaction via the on-screen Internet connection.

Some Locations are…

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

* Main Lobby area
* Stone Harbor Club Concierge Lounge
* Stormalong Bay Pool area

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort -

* Convention Center Hallways/Common Areas
* Resort Lobby
* Main Swimming Pool Area
* Concierge Lounges
* Bellevue Lounge

Disney’s Contemporary Resort -

* Front Desk sitting area
* 14th Floor Concierge sitting area
* Outer Rim Bar
* 1st Floor Convention Center Lobby
* 2nd Floor Convention Center Lobby
* Feature Pool

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort-

* Main Hotel Lobby
* Convention Center Lobby
* Feature Pool
* Francisco's Lounge

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa-

* 1st Floor Lobby including the Tea Room
* Convention Center Lobby
* 4th Floor Concierge sitting area

Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts -

* Main Lobby (both resorts)
* Concierge sitting area (both resorts)
* Convention Center Lobby
* Stormalong Bay Pool

Fort Wilderness:

*Disney offers wireless Internet at three hot spots and broadband cable at the sites and cabins.

The three WIFI spots at Fort Wilderness are *Reception Outpost, *Meadows, and *Crockett’s Tavern.

Both the Cabins and Preferred campsites can also rent a cable modem kit to have high speed Internet access. A Local Area Network (LAN) cable is required. The necessary modem kit is rented at the Front Desk in the Outpost. A $125 refundable deposit is required and the kits should be reserved in advance or will most likely not be available. Cost is $9.95 for 24 contiguous hours. Dial-up access is also available at the Reception Outpost.

In addition to the Resorts, the following restaurant has WiFi:

* Sand Trap Bar & Grill


aha! Allearsnet says that wifi costs $4.99 the first hour and $9.95 for 24 hours.


I found this . . . I did a google search:

February 22nd, 2007 (kinda OLD, not sure still exists, but you could call and ask?)
Internet Access at Walt Disney World Campground- Fort Wilderness Wifi and Internet Access

I write this post while sitting in the tiny Internet “cafe” at Fort Wilderness, It is small room near check-in at the Fort Wilderness campground. There is no cafe. As for Internet- you can plugin with dial-up, Ethernet cable or wireless at the cafe. It is quiet and a nice spot to check your email . It is EXPENSIVE however. 9.95 for 24 hours. You are asked for last 10 digits of you Disney ID card ( you must have charging privileges activated) . You also must have your own laptop- none are here for public use. Also no printers to use.
There is also wireless available at the Davy Crockett pub- you can sit on porch but no where to plug in your lap top if you have battery that doesn’t last long.

Preferred sites you can rent modem for 9.95 a day. I have heard numerous complaints about going this route- lots of lost connections and intermittent service.


The last time we visited (2005) we were in a cabin (qelle surprise, eh?!:biggrin: ) and we had to get a kit/cable of some sort (I’m not particularly computer savvy). We paid $9.95 a day…I don’t believe we paid a $$$ deposit for the kit - but that was 3 years ago! I’m actually a little surprised that at least the Deluxe & Home Away From Home resorts don’t have free access since most moderate and high priced hotels provide free access. In fact, so does our hospital (we have instructions on how to set up your laptop - or our tech will come do it for you!). Enjoy the cabins - we love them!


I have always found the cable in the closet with a note that says we will be charged X amount if the cable is missing when we check out.


Very interesting and informative. Thanks for the post.


:confused: Wasn’t it just released that DVC members will get free wireless? I thought I had read that somewhere???:mickey:


Yes, if you are a DVC member staying on points you get free Internet. I don’t know how it will work for people renting points.