Wireless Internet



I’ll be stayin at Pop Century Resort and I saw in the Services and Amenities section they do have Hi Speed Internet but is it wireless ? If I bring my laptop will I be able to access the internet? :confused:


I’ve not connected at Pop but the DVC resort are not wireless. There’s a cable in the closet to hook up with. We are wireless at home but we have to use the cable at WDW.


I’ve been to pop 2 or 3 times and I took my laptop the 1st time not thinking about it but no it’s not wireless its the ethernet cable on top of the little table in the room and there is a charge for it too. which is a bummer because, what I didn’t think about is the fact that the all stars have the same thing and they also charge so I took my laptop for nothing. lol!


There are a couple of public areas in the deluxe resorts that are Wi-Fi, but it’s not free.
All of the rooms in Disney O&O hotels offer wired high speed internet. The cost is $10 for 24 contiguous hours.
I bring my own network cable, but there should be one in your room’s closet (coat rack).


Oh thats interesting. Now we have the Ipod touch we could access the Internet from those wi fi areas instead of DD having to cart the laptop with her.