Wish me luck!


my friends were at universal today and got into the wizarding world of harry potter!!! so i decided to change my plans of going next weekend and go tommorrow!!! i am so excited!!! pray that it will be opened again!!!


That is so exciting! Take pics and post a quick TR when you get back!


Ooh! Good luck! Let us know what it was like! :laugh: I’m very curious!


Good Luck! I have read that it’s been soft openings for awhile. It should be open for you. Please take lots of pictures…can you take some of merch too? I can’t wait to read your TR.


Jealous!!! I hope it’s open for you!! Have a great time, and yes, PLEASE post all the pictures you can when you get back! :happy:


i got in!!! it was SOOOOOO amazing!!! i will try and start my tr after dinner. i took 265 photos! unfortunately, a lot of them didn’t turn out great. it is really hard to get good pics inside the castle with a point and shoot since it’s so dark and the flash doesn’t work on the moving portraits.


I can’t wait to see any pictures!!!


I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Wow! Post them, good or bad. I really want to see how it looks!


posted in my other thread… um link is uh…


Hope you have a great time take pics for us


here’s the pictures…