Wish prepares for "the world!'


Anyone want to hear some trip plans? [CROWDS ROAR in excitement] Ok, ok, here it goes everyone!:phone: These are our official plans for our long-awaited and anticipated Boardwalk Inn stay at the most magical place on earth (that would be WDW :wink:) Did I mention I leave in 2 weeks?!?!?!? :biggrin:

:mickey:Friday, August 18th::mickey:

-depart Newark airport at 1:45 in the afternoon, with a PERFECTLY on-time departure! (uhh umm :biggrin:)

  • Bask on the glory that we were successful at executing the “carry-on only” policy that we’ve adopted! :cool:

  • 4:30 PM, arrive at the Orlando airport and SWIFTLY board our awaiting ME bus which will be perfectly airconditioned to 68 degrees (:wink:) and trays of champagne with cheese & crackers will be served. (You guys didn’t know about this service?) :laugh:

  • 5:30 PM, arrive at the Boardwalk and check-in! Throw stuff in our room and get going! That champagne and crackers with cheese WILL NOT hold us over for too long. At this point we will either head to DTD and eat at Earl of Sandwich or get a snacky-snack on the Boardwalk and go in the pool!

:mickey:Saturday, August 19th::mickey:

-up early, RE-check in to the Boardwalk and give them our stuff if we need to change rooms.

  • 9:30 AM, breakfast at Trail’s End (reliving my Fort Wilderness glory days:closedeye )

  • spend the day at the Magic Kingdom most likely.

  • Meet in-laws at 6:30pm, take a swim or hang out around Boardwalk before our 9pm Spoodles reservations.

:mickey:Sunday, August 19th::mickey:

  • Animal Kingdom at opening to make ourselves DIZZZZY :wacko: on EE! Most likely an early lunch at my FAVORITE counter service in WDW, Tusker House:heart:

  • Magik Kingdom in the evening! 7:30pm ADR for Liberty Tree Tavern!

:mickey:Monday, August 20th :mickey:
(“the day of the in-laws”):glare:

-No clue what tricks they have up their sleeves on this day but I plan on just going with the flow.

-3:45 ADR for Crystal Palace, yeah, I made an 8:10pm one too b/c they REALLY love changing their minds!:glare:

OK… back to our trip…

:mickey: Tuesday, August 21st :mickey:

  • EPCOT day!!!

  • dinner at Teppanyaki at 6pm!

:mickey:Wednesday, August 23rd:mickey:

  • “Disney’s MGM-Pixar-No more Studios really functioning” day!

  • Ride ToT and RnR until be become VERY :wacko:

  • Lunch with an Imagineer experience at 11:30, Brown Derby.

  • Enjoy everything else in MGM, wishing it was really 2008 so that “mid-way madness” was open!

  • 9:20 pm ADR for O’hana!

:mickey:Thursday, August 24th:mickey:

  • POSSIBLY Typhoon Lagoon in the morning (or, time spent in the Boardwalk Pool!)

  • this is a pretty open day, maybe DTD… maybe a park for a bit, etc…

  • most likely a massage at the Boardwalk spa.

  • 5pm go to Pleasure Island for the DVC members “Summer Block Party.” Enjoy yummy refreshments,meeting neighbors, entertainment, and being a DVC member:biggrin:

  • Pleasure Island all night long!! (beware, ok well just beware… I won’t expand on that one but I know SOME of you have seen pictures of what can occur:pinch: )

:mickey: Friday, August 25th :mickey:
-MK in the morning!

-EPCOT in the evening!

  • Le Cellier ADR at 6pm!

-enjoy the Boardwalk & then pack.

:crying: Saturday, August 26th:crying:

  • We just won’t discuss this day.:mellow:

ANY QUESTIONS?!??!?! :happy:


I’m loving it so far. Despite the in-laws, sounds like a good trip :laugh:

A special trip from the BW to FW just for Trail’s End. It’s one of those things that make some people go :huh: but to others, like us, it makes perfect sense. Trail’s End is one of those oft-forgotten gems at WDW, and I’m all for reliving glory days!


Ah! There is nothing like arrival day. All that hope and excitement of a full trip ahead of you. No thoughts yet of departure day. The possibilites are endless. No need to go to a park this day, beacuse you’ve got days and days ahead of you in the parks.

In short, I love a dip in the pool and a snack on arrival day! :mickey:


OK, this is cruel and unusual punishment. Here I sit at work and I have to be subjected to this torture!

It’s a great plan, there is nothing like DAK at opening. And by lunch time, one of my favorite things to do is to sandwich a meal at TH in between rides on Kali and Kilamanjaro.

And a character meal at LTT at MK thrown in for good measure. Ok, I’m on jealousy overload! :nuke:


Wish, your plans sound great! We have all the restaurants you’re going to (except Brown Derby) on our itinerary too! Can’t wait to read your TR to hear how they all were. Great idea with the 2 Crystal Palace ADR’s!!! You soooo don’t want to miss going there!!! Good luck with the in-law plans!:blush:


haha, don’t you worry b/c as I am SAD leaving YOU will just be arriving!! Imagine how I will feel then, I will be the jealous one! hehe!


YES, my favorite day is arrival day! :happy: All Daniel keeps talking about is what we are going to do that night, his vote is “Earl of Sandwich” (I think mine too) Although, I should mention he said, "YOU ARE NOT allowed to go into the gallery that night at DTD b/c all of our trip money will be gone on the first night :laugh: )


My mouth is already watering thinking about the apple butter with rolls and mashed potatoes!:tongue:


Thank you!!! I am glad you picked all those restuarants too! Trust me, I will have lots to report with pictures to match! hehe!


I am so excited for you. I especially can’t wait to hear your TR. I am with you on the Sat.- DO NOT DISCUSS!!!


Jess, why don’t you regale us with how many times you’re going to soar on Soarin’, or how you’re going to do the "less intense version of M:S to compare it to the original. Oh and then rub it in how you’re going to ride TT before beginning your globetrotting at WS. :glare:

I love Epcot days :mickey:


Ok, it sounds like I need to pencil in Aug 24 as PI night. :happy: And I will be sure to post ALL the pictures when Wish gets a little loopy. :laugh:

And wow, I must have missed that service on the ME before. Maybe it only happens in the back of the bus. I tend to always sit up front. :laugh:


I missed it too, the only thing I recall about that ride was a poor quality copy of The Lion King playing, a driver with a bad atitude, and a lot of noise. :laugh:


You guys are on the WRRROOOONNNGGGG ME bus!! haha! :laugh:


Sounds perfect Wish! I cannot wait for your TR!!! Not only are your TRs fabulous, but it will totally get me geared up for my trip (although not nearly as long as yours) next month!


Yes, someone needs to tell Tessa to pencil it in too! Oh, and DANG IT… no pictures are allowed when I start with the lighted ice cubes and Scottish football players!! hahaha!:ph34r: :eek: :angel:


Sounds great Wish. Let us know how that lunch with an Imagineer goes. I hope to do that sometime soon.
Say “Hi” to my Off Kilter cuties for me! :heart: :wub:


WHAT??? :ohmy: You, queen of the ever changing avatar and always taking a great photo of herself NOT wanting pics to be taken? Gingita, I think you’ll be in for a very good time with Wish :wink: Oh to be a fly on the wall :wub:

Your plans sound excellent! I love the carry on only policy. My DH and I used to have that policy, too. We are about a year away with the kids where we can start this again.


Sounds like terrific plans so far, the 18th is not too far away!


Wow you have a lot planned! Have a great trip and take lots of pics during your trip. I know you’re going to have a awsome trip.