Wishes Dessert Party Extended


I have seen rumors on the internet that the Wishes Dessert Party would be extended through the summer.

Just found out from the Poly’s concierge staff that they were able make reservations for the July 21st Wishes Dessert Party.

So I guess it’s safe to say it’s been extended for the summer.

Just thought I’d give everyone the heads up. :mickey:


Wishes is my favorite of all WDW “attractions.” I also :heart: desserts! I so wish I could convince DH that the Wishes Dessert Party is a good idea for our family!:laugh:


i wish it was an appetizer munchy party instead my dh is so up for the dessert party unfortunately being a diabetic with very poor willpower I cant see spending this money for something i cant eat.


I can’t eat $25 worth of desserts that close to dinner, especially because I usually have dinner after fireworks. But I still like the idea, except that it locks out one of my favorite viewing spots.


fingers crossed think it fancies staying around till September? lol


Will this still be going on with the new Summer Night fireworks? I’m not sure when that starts, but it must be before July 21st, so I assume so?


I did the dessert party once, it was great! Not sure I’d do it again because it’s just a lot of food & it wasn’t my favorite spot to watch Wishes, but everything was delicious. I’m glad they extended it so more people could experience the yummy desserts.


Wishy, you don’t like standing under Tink’s wire and watching her soar over your head?
It’s not head on like Main Street, but it is a really nice 3/4 portrait.


I made an ADR last week for the dessert party for the Friday before Father’s Day, and it took me 3 calls to Disney Dining, because the first two people told me that it was not available for June 6 thru end of July. It is available, but at Peak Pricing. The 3rd person finally got us booked with no problem at all. So if someone tells you it’s not available, keep trying!!


How come they don’t have anything about this on Waltdisneyworld.com?