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Jess, is there any news you’d like to share with the class?

((Just in case anyone missed the updated Roll Call!!!))


Oh my goodness! That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! Congrats Wishy!

Details Details Details!!!


How exciting! I can’t wait to see the pictures and details from your first trip there!!! Did this happen today?

I also have to say that it took me a while to figure out what this was about- I thought it was about a baby (baby was in the title!:blush:) So I am REALLY excited for you and your new DVC adventure!


YOU DIDN’T?? YOU DID!!! OMG!!! Woo Hoo!!!


As a matter of fact… YES!!! Thanks for askin’ MissDisney, my lovely friend :heart:!!! It appears that the new Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort was WAY too glamorous to resist. I’ve RACKED my brain the past 3 days trying to figure out what to do; followed EVERY single “newsbreaking update,” printed points charts, calculated everything, took virtual room tours, and asked MANY an expert for advice! The final outcome was…

We are now owners of 100 additional points at BAY LAKE TOWERS (BLT) at the Contemporary Resort!! :biggrin:

Owners can start making reservations on Sunday, March 1st for the opening in Sept. '09. I plan on making our first stay there in Nov. '09 in a MK view studio! :biggrin:


congrats! looks & sounds yummy…both the sandwich & the resort!


Congrats!!! we are still thinking about it.


Oh wow! Congrats!!! I feel so dense…I didn’t even put it together:pinch:


Can you tell me where I can find the points charts??? I’d love to see that!


Anyway, I know there are going to be people wondering “WHY did she not go with her FAVORITE resort ever (AKV :heart:) and get all those awesome incentives?”

This was our reasoning for choosing the new BLT (if anyone really cares :laugh:)

  • After studying both resort layouts, capacities, and statistics I’ve decided that I will have a better chance at getting into AKV at 7 months than at BLT. I personally believe that, given the SMALL number of rooms in the tower & demand on MK location, it may be near impossible to get into BLT at 7 months. So, now as an owner here I will have 11 month priority.

  • Maintence Fees. The maintenence fees at AKVs are a whole $1.00 more PER POINT than at BLT, saving me about $200 per year. There has been A LOT of discussion, arguing, & speculation on various DVC blogs & forums that “OH, these low MFs are being subsidized, they are going to raise big time after it sells out, etc.” But after talking to some experts that’s not really true. Being a TALL tower on a small land imprint with minimal landscaping it COSTS LESS TO MAINTAIN. AKVs has a higher MF because it’s harder to maintain a spread out resort with rich landscape (and hello, an animal preserve!)

  • BLT… it’s SOOOO Daniel and I! Sounds geeky but when I saw the [what appeared to be] raw silk curtains with obre-like green stripe pattern I wanted to EAT THEM LIKE SPRINKLES CUPCAKES! :heart: The kitch nod to that unmistakably mid-century “blue” color on the walls, the pop art Mickey prints, and stainless steal lighted entry numbers, along with the sleek kitchenette… aye, I think I’ve died and gone to “Palm Springs comes to WDW” heaven! I felt sleek and glamorous just looking at the pictures.

-Oh, another thing. YES, the points are kinda high, absolutely. BUT, we are using these 100 points to subsidize our current membership. We want to use these points for our smaller 4-5 night stays and HOPEFULLY maybe start using our 160 points for “exchanges” to go overseas every other year.

Otherwise, the lobby looks like it’s going to be AMAZING, we can WALK to MK, easy access to the Monorail & all the great restaurants at the Comtemporary, not to mention exclusive access to this elusive "rooftop lounge & fireworks viewing terrace.

So, that’s that! :biggrin:


Well, here’s the thing… :laugh: [there’s always “a thing”] The points chart was published on the DVC member website for about 24 hours. They actually PULLED that PDF file for whatever reason I have NO idea. I have the points chart printed out but there is a possibility it may have had some errors on it & that’s why they pulled it? :mellow: I am honestly not 100% sure. I believe you can still get point values on the “trip caluclator” if you punch in specific dates. I did that for SEVERAL '09 dates that we could potentially go and the “Lake View” at BLT was pretty similar to the “AKV- Savannah View.” The MK view was HIGH, don’t be fooled. :laugh:


I would picture you in BLT over AKV. I have thought about owning at AKV, but have to say I would be more tempted by the location and style of BLT. Congrats on your new home away from home!


These are just some studio pics I found on Google images:


Congrats Wishy!!!



I would LOVE to be an owner at BLT!!! :cool:

How about Girl Trip 09?? eh? eh? :laugh:


[QUOTE=Val32;883844]CONGRATS JESSSSSSSSSS!!! :cool::happy:

I would LOVE to be an owner at BLT!!! :cool:

How about Girl Trip 09?? eh? eh? :laugh:[/QUOTE]

I would not be opposed to hosting another Girl Trip in BLT, ya know Daniel doesn’t travel to WDW with me on every trip! :tongue:


Ive been waiting for it to become official (on BLT), are they selling it to the public yet???
All I need is the $$ now! :laugh:
$1.00 and a dream! :angel: :wub::happy:


Wish, your logic is excellent and I think you made the right choice. Congrats! I am jealous. I love AKV but Bay Lake Towers looks so cool!


[QUOTE=Val32;883850]Ive been waiting for it to become official (on BLT), are they selling it to the public yet???
All I need is the $$ now! :laugh:
$1.00 and a dream! :angel: :wub::happy:[/QUOTE]

I think they start selling on Oct 5th or 6th to the public. I wanted the DVc member discount though because I WOULD NOT pay the full rate for this resort, nevah’! :laugh:


I hear ya! :laugh: Smart girl! :happy: