Wishy*s 3 nights at WLV TR!


I’ll keep it short on words & just post the pics! :tongue:


  • Staying at WLV; the most relaxing, tranquil, peaceful, beautiful DVC villas
  • great dinner at Whispering Canyon
  • Beautiful weather for 2 days of our trip
  • seeing a couple good friends :smile:
  • no crowds between Sunday-Tues

No real lowlights :smile: Although, we probably won’t be eating dinner at 1900 Park Fare again real soon & it rained TERRIBLY from Monday straight thru to Tuesday afternoon.

On with the pics! :happy:


Before we left for the airport my Dad handed me an envelope and said “Do not open until you get on the bus.” He put two Disney gift cards in there & I thought that was SO sweet. :heart:

On the way to the MK, LOVE having all the boating options from the WL

It was crowded, crowded, crowded


Hey Tiana, lookin’ good!! :stuck_out_tongue:

one of my favorite photo spots in the MK


Yummy lunch!!


Inside the Pirate League, thanks to Val & her Pirate friend for giving us a tour! :slight_smile:


Yup, Splash is still dry & down.

:heart: this pic!


People, people everywhere. haha


Just playing around a little bit, sometimes I get a little bored of taking ‘straight-on’ normal pics of the castle:


Love the sweet shop on Main Street.


Woah, I got Daniel to do it!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Back at the WL, YAY our room was ready!


Wilderness Lodge Villas Studio #2543


We arrived at the Grand Floridian before our 1900 Park Fare dinner, there was even a band playing on the 2nd floor entertaining all the guests in the lobby.


haha, looooove the stepsisters!

The food was only mediocre but the service was great


In the Basin store, which is right next to the doors where you go out for the monorail at the Grand Floridian


I always loved this Arabian-esque hidden Mickey-eared door.

Looking through the Country Bears lobby window into the sweets store


My favorite Country 'Bahhhr"


Great pics, super clear with great color. I loved your creative pics.


Loooove this show.


There was even still a long line for the Pooh ride, we had FPs though.