Wishy*s 'I <3 Kidani Village' Trip Report!


8 nights, over 500 pictures, the heat, the rain, the good & not so much, lots of new experiences, and more mindless people that I can throw a handful of rocks at. It was quite an amazing extended week & I have lots of show & tell! :smile: Stayed tuned!


Jessica (aka: Wishy), age 30
Daniel (aka: Daniel), 28


the Mickeysgirlz crew
Dan’s Mom & Stepdad
Sara (BaaBeE9)
Val (vlogilvie)


Yay! So glad it is starting!!!


Another TR… can’t wait.


LOL!!! Still laughing over this:

Daniel (aka: Daniel), 28

Anyway, welcome home and start typing, chiquita!


Oooo! Yay! So excited to have another TR to read!:happy:


Day 1, Wednesday 6/24:

Easy peasy getting into MCO & even our Magical Express bus showed up within 5-10 minutes of being assigned to the Animal Kingdom Lodge que. We arrived on property around 11am and we were HUNGRY for lunch. We had already decided that this was going to be a ‘do nothing’ afternoon to explore the resort, go swimming, & hopefully get into our room before heading out to Studios for dinner.

Unfortunately NOTHING went our way after arriving & it just seemed to get worse as the day went on. In retrospect I am thankful that all the rough spots got out of the way on Day 1 'cause there was hardly a glitch for the entire trip afterwards.

We decided to walk over to the Jambo House for lunch at the Mara, which took exactly 6 minutes by the way. The walkway is shaded in some spots but NOT protected from rain so I’d suggest taking any park bus 'cause they all stop at Jambo after Kidani (EXCEPT the DtD bus). Lunch at the Mara was good & as much as we both love the original lodge we were anxious to get back to Kidani & explore.

Kidani is WAY more intimate & less grandious in size compared to Jambo but what lacks in size greatly makes up for in atmosphere & warmth. It REALLY does feel like a village that’s ‘home,’ even though we had never been there before. Everything just smells & looks new and however Disney accomplishes this everytime I’ll never know but Kidani absolutely feels as comfy as your own living room & every CM we encountered was beyond kind and helpful.

After lunch our room still wasn’t ready so I went to bell services & retrieved the small beach bag I had pre-prepared just in case. There are GORGEOUS bathrooms with spa style changing rooms & a shower down by the Kidani pool, which was greatly appreciated since we didn’t have a room to get ready in.

We were both amazed by the pool area. It’s hard to get a photo of the entire thing b/c it’s fairly large & the play area is AMAZING. Gushing water falls, interactive water play games, a mini baby wading pool, playground,water guns, dry slide, water slide, and a nicely sized zero entry adult pool. It felt sooooo nice to sit under that waterfall, which Daniel and I did for about an hour. :laugh:

When I went to retrieve our stuff (clothes, cell phones, wallet, etc.) from the locker it was COMPLETELY STUCK! The key wouldn’t open it! A life guard walked by and I told her what happened, she said she would call someone. I waited around for about 10 minutes & nobody came. So here I am dripping wet & had to walk back to the lobby & tell the front desk what happened. The CM said, “well if you go to the store they can return your $1.” :laugh: I was like NOOOO, I don’t care about the dollar, I need my CLOTHES and wallet, & cell phone!!! It’s stuck!!! (if you are staying at Kidani & need a locker don’t use #28) :laugh: Maintenence had to come & eventually I got my stuff out. :laugh: And YES, and after changing I did get my $1 back.

We used the changing rooms again to get dressed & headed inside to inquire about our room, it was approximately 2pm & still no dice. Daniel played in the arcade for awhile, we played pool in the AWESOME Community Hall, & sat in Kidani’s gorgeous ‘library’ listening to the live African drumming circle they have going on in the afternoon. At 3:30 we decided to check again… no room. 3:45… no room.

At that point a manager saw us sitting in the lobby and said “Our rooms are guaranteed to be ready by 4pm, I am sure if you come back in 15 minutes it will be ready.” We were starting to get nervous 'cause we did have a 6:10 reservation at Hollywood & Vine and Daniel would still have to get his annual pass from Guest Services. :pinch: We didn’t want to hang out in the room for long we just wanted 15 minutes to change, throw our stuff in, & get refreshed.

We waited until 4:15 and NO ROOM!!! :pinch: The CM said to try back at 4:30pm. We told him about our dinner plans & that we were going to have to leave and get our room later b/c we didn’t want to miss dinner. The same manager ended up finding us again 5 minutes later & apologized. Apparantly there was a BIG mix-up between the computer system & housekeeping. :pinch: Our room MAY have been ready for hours but the computer system was reflecting that it was never cleaned. They sent someone up to check it & sure enough it was ready. The manager offered to credit us 2 table service credits & also said that they’d hold our dining reservation 15 minutes after our time.

We RACE to room 7506, change, wash up & get down to the bus stop at 4:50pm, should be plenty of time, right? OMG, a Studios bus didn’t come until 5:40!!! :blink::eek: We were even ready to jump on a cab at this point. We were CONVINCED we were going to miss dinner but were also VERY discouraged that on our first day a Studios bus took 50 minutes to arrive!!! :ohmy: After picking up some VERY cranky people at Kidani & Jambo House the bus driver was unfortunately VERY unkind. She told an older man who was VERY upset about the wait “Well Sir, if standing for long amounts of time isn’t comfortable for you maybe you need an assistance device.” :eek: At least 5 people on the bus asked for her name & were upset about the way she was talking to people. She really did have a big attitude, yes a lot of people were complaining & it wasn’t her fault BUT she could have handled things WAY differently.


Welcome back Jess. I’m so sorry your first day had so many bumps but I’m glad they didn’t continue for the whole trip.


ANYWAY, We arrive to Studios at 6:05pm and thankfully there was no line at Guest Services. Daniel had his annual within 5 minutes and we rushed through the gates & off to Hollywood and Vine. We arrived at the podium RIGHT at 6:15, PHEW, imagine that for timing & were seated within 10 minutes.

Both of us were looking forward to a nice meal, relaxed, good food, etc. to calm down after that panic but once again no dice. :laugh: Hollywood & Vine was HORRIBLE!!! We had eaten there 3-4 years ago and the food was good but it was just GROSS this time. TOTALLY gross. The quality of food was poor; green beans soaking in butter (too much), dry breads, even lettuce with a little brown & pink on the EDGES, the meat was only mediocre, etc. It was just bad! We were both able to eat one plate 'cause we were so hungry & the desserts were just ok but we DEFINATELY won’t be visiting H&V again anytime soon.

After dinner we didn’t have a lot of time to walk around but we did Muppets, tried to see Luxo, Jr. (I was told “someone tripped over his cord & he wasn’t appearing for the rest of the evening”), we also did the animation academy, & just walked around for a bit.

The crowds didn’t appear to be too bad but getting on Toy Story was impossible at this point (obviously) and our tummies were too unsettled to do ToT or RnRc. We decided to head back to Kidani, unpack, & get a good night’s sleep. :smile:

Daniel did stop by the front desk to tell them about the 50 minute Studios bus situation & the CM did assure us that MANY guests had already alerted them to what happened.

Stay tuned for a MUCH smoother & wonderful Day 2! :smile:


Welcome back! The first day sounds crazy. Sure hope things got better. Can’t wait for more! :happy:


Here are the photos from Day 1, not a whole lot, but trust me there are A LOT to come! I did eventually take better pictures of Kidani itself but these are just the first day.

Lunch at the Mara, I had the African Stew & Daniel had rotisserie chicken:

On the walk from Kidani to Jambo House they had all these signs along the way.


Kidani Village lobby

Daniel chillin’ in the library

More from the library, it really is gorgeous in there!

I’m not sure if this dude (err, dudette) was dropping a baby or a poo but somethin’ was on the bottom of that statue.

LOOOOVE these little butterflies & the proverbs all over the walls


Oh, Dear, I was afraid of H&V…but no availability at MM…oh dear.

Glad you had a great time, I sure would be ticked at having to wait for my room all day - glad it got better.

Keep it coming…


“Clock” in the lobby w/ a hidden Mickey:

light features in the lobby


Welcome back Wish. Day 1 does sound like an adventure, but at least you were not sprayed by a skunk this time!


Our savannah view studio, FINALLY!!! :laugh:


Very true! :laugh:


Hollywod & Vine (ugh)

Food (ugh), even the mashed potatoes were NASTY! Oh, and that pasta, I took one bite & didn’t touch it again.:blow:


Great TR! Love all the pics. The african stew looks yummy. cant wait to read more.


We did the animation academy & we drew Russell from ‘Up!’ It was SO fun, I could do this class everyday, Daniel not so much. He doesn’t like it, he says it stresses him out. :laugh:

Here he is, apparantly ‘stressing out.’ :laugh:

Here I am with my Russell drawing

HEY, there he is!!!


Everyday in the Kidani library they do animal games with the children, drum circles for adults & children, & lots of other activities

View of the Savannah