Wishy's "Mini Dash" WDW weekend TR


Last week I went to visit my in-laws in Fort Lauderdale & while I was there my sister-in-law & I wanted to take her daughter (my niece) to Disney. It was just a quick jet up to Disney for the weekend but we had a great time!!!

Crowds weren’t surprisingly overwhelming & my 4-year-old niece got to do everything she was excited about , ok, with the exception of “the singing dolls” (It’s a Small World) which is under refurb. She was SO bummed but she recently measured tall enough to go on attractions like Big Thunder Mountain so we had a blast doing those!!!

We stayed at Old Key West in a studio right across from the main pool area which was VERY convenient. The first night we ate dinner at Kona Cafe (one of my faves) which she had never been to & she was very impressed! Both of our entrees were delicious & the desserts at Kona just can’t be beat!!

On Sunday we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon & because of inclement weather that threatened the skies early in the morning the park stayed pretty empty all day! We relaxed in the lazy river, went on the Family Raft ride 8 TIMES IN A ROW (she couldn’t get enough! ), and played in the waterplay area. She loved all the mini-slides & playing in the sand by the wave pool.

That night while my SIL & my niece enjoyed Downtown Disney I met up with one of my very good friends, Justin, who’s like a little brother to me. We met at EPCOT in hopes of doing a “walk in” at Via Napoli but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Captain Eo. Those who know me well know I am a HUGE vintage EPCOT freak and getting to see Captain Eo again was like the most exciting thing to me! When I was little my Grandma used to make me watch it every trip & I was TERRIFIED of that witches nails coming at my face in 3D! haha. … yeah, still scary…

We were lucky enough to be seated at Via Napoli pretty fast & LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! The individual pizza was TO DIE FOR, the “rice ball” appetizer was delicious, and our desserts were out of this world! I am definately eating there during our next trip in November.

After dinner we rode the Maelstrom & went over to the MK for EMHs! We had SUCH a blast! We were “Yeeee HAAAWWW”-ing it up inside Country Bears at 11pm, videoing people rogue-style on Main Street with my FlipCam, etc. We were laughing, having fun, & didn’t leave the park until about 1am.

Justin went back home & I stealthly slipped into our room at OKW, not risking waking up my SIL or my niece.

The next morning we woke up, hung out at the OKW pool, ate lunch at Olivia’s & then got into the car to drive back to Fort Lauderdale!

It was a fun little trip! Enjoy the pics!


Checking in at OKW!


My bricks!! :slight_smile:

Magic Kingdom!!!


We were SOOOO thirsty & hot!! These were heavenly!!!

While we were on Dumbo I took a pic of the Fantasyland Expansion Construction


She LOVED the carousel!


We spent a lot of time in Mickey’s Toontown, she loves the Barnstormer!

Mickey & Minnie’s houses were PACKED!!!




We had a GREAT dinner at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian!


Our lovely door at Old Key West


Day 2!!

She was all ready to go to Typhoon Lagoon!!


My sister in law was very insistant that I try these donut holes with the dipping sauces. They were very good, and the white chocolate dipping sauce was DELICIOUS!


Later that night I met my ‘Lil’ Bro’ & we had a BLAST in EPCOT & the MK!!! :slight_smile:


Waiting for Via Napoli!!


I am drooling just thinking about how good everything was!!!


WAIT?!?! Where is everyone? Isn’t the Norway movie after the Maelstrom the BEST attraction in EPCOT? Sheesh!!


He found our brick!!



Day 3! Hangin’ out at Old Key West & back to Fort Lauderdale.



Lunch at Olivia’s