Wishy*s most magical, fantastic, stupendous, BEST Disney trip... like EVER! TR!


It was so amazing I have no words. When I find them I’ll post them here! Along with 43,657,213 photos! :laugh:

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By the looks of your new pic, it was a great party!!!
Cant wait to hear about the rest.


YAY!!! Wishy is back!!! Can’t wait for your TR. Glad things went well.


HaHa! Judging by MissDisney’s reaction in the other thread- you have to come back soon!!! Can’t wait!!:heart:


The drainage pipe from our washing machine froze & two of my dogs have eye colds so I have to drop all our laundry off at the laundry mat and take Emma and Lincoln to the vet.

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Can’t wait for your TR, hope the doggies are OK.


I am so looking forward to this!


It was a great trip… There is no way i can compete with Wish’s trip report. So after I go through and upload my pictures to photobucket or some other photo hosting site I will just post a link.


I am officially overturning this decision. You ARE going to do a TR because not only I, but everyone else, wants to see/hear everything you guys did; Especially when I wasn’t with you to do it! Sheesh. And Mickeysgirlz is doing one too.

Final word! :laugh:


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;1009183]I am officially overturning this decision. You ARE going to do a TR because not only I, but everyone else, wants to see/hear everything you guys did; Especially when I wasn’t with you to do it! Sheesh. And Mickeysgirlz is doing one too.

Final word! :laugh:[/QUOTE]

YEAH! what she said!:laugh::laugh:
your trip wasnt exactly like hers so you need to do one too!


You’re kidding, right? You wouldn’t deprive us of a juicy bransworld TR, would you??? C’mon, SPILL!


OK, I think I’ve come out of voluntary shock-induced mutism & can start now. :laugh: My pics aren’t uploaded yet but I’ll get there.

Day 1: 12/16

[B]We touched down in Orlando with no problems at all & loaded a Magical Express bus within 10 minutes of checking in, since we managed to do carry-on only we had everything with us. The ME bus was leaving me really anxious 'cause we had too many stops before the Contemporary; the Poly, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, then finnaaallllllly… the CONTEMPORARY!!!

When we pulled up to the Contemporary the lobby was fairly empty at 10:30 am, which I think is a pretty abnormal occurance but I wasn’t complaining. Unfortunately our Bay Lake Tower room wasn’t ready yet so they gave us the text message alert speil & room ready card, along with Daniel’s BIRTHDAY BUTTON!!! :biggrin: Daniel begrudgingly pinned it low on his shirt [at least he was wearing it :laugh:] and we freshened up a little in the bathroom.

Being STARVED after a long morning of travel we headed up to Contempo Cafe & had a delicious lunch. Daniel had the spice crusted Mahi sandwich with green beans, while I chose the Smoked Turkey Sandwich - topped with Brie, apple butter, and arugala on Challah bread. Both were ABSOLUTELY excellent. The cupcakes we had for dessert were probably some of the best on WDW property too! For a lunch counter service spot the food is so impressive there, we could have eaten there everyday!

Deciding that our room probably wouldn’t be ready for quite awhile we changed our clothes in the lobby wash closet, handed everything over to Bell Services, and decided to take the monorail over to EPCOT.

Staying at a monorail resort was SO convenient & amazing, it was a relief to have other options besides ‘bus.’ We walked to the MK several times from BLT and it was easy & fast. The monorail arrived in EPCOT fast & we were both surprised how low the crowds seemed at EPCOT.

We walked right onto Spaceship Earth, Imagination, stopped to see some holiday Gospel singers, did a little shopping, took a boat ride through Mexico, went on a Norwegian adventure, and soaked in all the holiday decor & entertainment.

Knowing that ‘the plan’ was to catch the first Processional with the Bransworld crew that night once we got to the America Pavillion around 3pm I texted Brandon and told him our location. Sure enough, they were around there too so Brandon found us and we watched one of my favorite WDW groups… the Voices of Liberty!!! They were awesome as usual, especially with their holiday program.

After some chitty-chat the 5 of us decided to cue up for the Processional & the line filled FAST!! Abigail Breslin was the narrator that night and they let us into the theater to choose seats about 30 minutes before the show.

We were pretty close to the stage but man, those trees inside the theater’s seating area are pretty annoying. :laugh: Somebody is always getting a blocked view from the tree trunks.

The whole Processional show was impressive & beautiful. Abigail did a FANTASTIC job, as well as the choirs members and orchestra. Even the Christmas decorations on & around the stage were beautiful.

When the Processional ended we took a pretty brisk walk over to the Beach Club for dinner. I’ve never done the Cape May Cafe for dinner so I wasn’t sure how it was gonna be but the food was pretty good. Nothing amazing to write home about but I certainly wasn’t dissapointed. The setup was a little frustrating because it was hard to see everything on the buffet without causing buffet traffic problems, etc. & it got REALLY busy on one side with a long line forming. The favorite things I ate there were the mashed potatoes, green beans, corn bread, and the salad dressing I had was really good.

We were HOPING to catch a boat over to Studios after dinner to see the Osborne lights but by the time we finished eating & waited for a boat it was evident there was NO way we’d make it in time for a comfortable tour of the display. I wasn’t too bothered 'cause I enjoyed our time at dinner getting to know each other & having a great time.

Brandon and I went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping. He was on the search for a personalizable Christmas ornament for a friend and I wanted to get our niece Parker’s Christmas presents 'cause she was arriving with Daniel’s family on the 18th.

I ended up getting Parker an ADORABLE Disney “American Girl”-style doll with a big Princess beauty set & a stuffed Mr. Potato Head. I was HOPING to get it all gift wrapped which turned out to be a fiasco but I was happy to find her such cute stuff. I was also excited to receive a good annual pass discount! :biggrin:

Brandon and I said our goodnights & headed for our resort buses. Daniel had texted me that we were assigned to room 8128, which is on floor 11 of Bay Lake Tower. It made me a little nervous that Daniel was already settled in our room 'cause I was afraid he trashed it before I could even see it! :laugh:

When I entered both curtains were pulled open and I was instantly BREATHLESS with the view!! Staight on view of the MK!! :wub::eek: It was nothing short of amazing!! Just like what I dreamed of; monorails zipping by, the beautiful holiday lights glowing on the castle, steam in the air from the MK train, boats on the Lagoon, and a pretty view of the Contemporary main building.

Daniel was FAST ASLEEP like a baby on our bed so I decided not to disturb him; took a shower, snuggled into bed, & left unpacking for the next morning. :happy:

Great 1st day![/B]


So far so good!!! Sounds like your Day 1 was smooth as glass!


So, photos from Day 1:

Contempo Cafe

Wreath at Chef Mickeys!




I got a lot of PMs during my June TR to ask people that if you are quoting/commenting my posts with photos in them to PLEASE remove the photo links from your post before you hit the “POST QUICK REPLY” button. This way there won’t be looooooong threads of repeated posted photos.

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This way there isn’t any confusion 'cause I know my photos can be quite large and quite a few people told me last time they had a hard time following my TR 'cause so many people were reposting my photos in their replies.



Arriving in EPCOT

Festive Mexico pavilion

Norway pavilion


I saw these pretty bumblers between Norway and China

At this point my eyes were watering really bad & I was starting to get a headache. I realized that I TOTALLY forgot to pack my sunglasses. :sad: I could not survive without this so I had to stop in the African passthrough and try on some crappy Disney shades. :laugh:

MY FAVORITE pavilion during Christmas is Germany! :heart:

It ain’t Christmas in WDW without the pickle tree! :biggrin:

:heart: Mr. cupcake head


Jess, as you were describing your MK view at BLT, I literally got goosebumps! I can’t wait to see it in person (3 months to go!!!)