Wishy*s "That was 9 nights ALREADY?" Thanksgiving in WDW TR


I’m back! Had a fantabulous trip, it was long… but never long enough. Some definate highlights and some ‘not TOO unfortunate’ lowlights. Tons of great pictures, especially of holiday fanfare.

Anyway, save this space. :happy:

PS: don’t worry, I took photos of nearly EVERY meal :smile:

stay tuned for…

  • a small dream (FINALLY, sheesh, only after like 4 trips :tongue:)

  • The Presidential Turkey parade in the MK (don’t blink, you might miss the turkey in the ‘Pope mobile’)

  • my camera breaks for good :sad: (thank GOODNESS it was our last day)

  • one of the DUMBEST most ridiculous comments I’ve ever heard a tourist make in a Disney park, just wait… seriously. :rolleyes:

  • my revitalization in Disney ‘magic.’

  • why you should never take the “UnDiscovered Future World” tour. :pinch:

  • soccer, soccer everywhere

  • “Is that a freaking mini octopus in your salad??? OMG.” :blow:

  • My double date with ‘Prince Charming.’

  • Why Photopass & technology isn’t always a good thing.

  • meeting a lovely fellow MBer, several times. :smile:

and lots of other interesting tidbits. :tongue:

OOOHHHH, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, why you should NEVER EVER put your eyeglasses in the ‘net pouch’ on the Dinosaur ride. (daniel, daniel, daniel… aye aye aye)


Lol. :laugh:

Doesn’t the time fly by when you’re having fun? :blink:

Can’t wait to read all about it! :wub:


I can’t wait to read your TR.
I know what yall mean about time flying on your trip!


You’re back??? Already??? :ohmy: Gosh, it seems like just yesterday I was razzing you about your Christmas tree!!! :blink:
Hope you had a great trip. I’m looking forward to your TR . . . with lots of pics! :happy:


Iam back from Shop Rite and ready for some TR! :laugh:


Welcome back!!! I can’t believe you’re back already!!! Gee, that went fast!! (I bet you are saying the same!!)

Can’t wait for your trip report!! Your’s are always one of my favorites to read (and look at the gorgeous pictures you take!!)!!


Welcome home wishy! I have been looking SO forward to this report.:heart:


Welcome home Wishy! I was just thinking of you and hoping your trip report would be coming soon, so yay!


My goodness!! 9 nights went by super fast!!! I can’t believe you’re back already…I can’t wait to read your TR!!


yeah!!! i’ve been looking forward to your TR. glad you had a great time & made it home safe & sound. :c)

…now, ahhhhhhh…let’s hear all about it!


Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, I am here for a little while. I still haven’t decided the best way to go about this. I have a terrible habit of forgetting when we did what and which witch was which. :laugh: I think I’ll be pretty random about it trying to explain what was wonderful & explain what was a little less than wonderful as it comes into my head. I have a lot of pictures so I try to do a ‘less talk, more action’ typa’ report.

OK, so as Peter Pan says; “Here we gooooooooooooo”


Lord love a duck, you’re back already? If you’re 9 days went that fast, I can only imagine how fast our 6 days will go. At least I’ll have your tr to read when we get back. And pictures. Welcome back!!


YAY!!! Wishy’s back!!! I got your Christmas Card…postmarked from Orlando. YAY!

I can’t wait to hear ALL about it!

Oh, sorry to Threadjack :ph34r: , but what is the name of your mini tripod again? I might have to get it for Vegas!


We arrived fairly late in the evening on Friday, Nov. 16th and we were SO thankful to be placed into ‘the Springs’ building, our room was LITERALLY right across from the main pool & all common areas (room 4423). It was absolutely PERFECT. Our balcony overlooked a gorgeous little lake and fountain where every morning we got to see hot air balloons floating across the horizon, it was very peaceful.

Just some random SSR thoughts:

  • I’ve only stayed there once (May '05, I think) and always swore I was never a fan BUT this trip I fell in love with the resort; our bus service was PERFECT, every CM we came across there was full of Disney happiness, the pool was enjoyable, we played ping pong in the Community Hall, rented Surrey bikes one afternoon, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed several counter service meals at Artist Palette along with one of the BEST meals of the trip at ‘Turf Club.’

  • The boat ride to DtD is so relaxing and such a beautiful scenic ride.

  • The WORST and most uncomoftable pullout couch I’ve ever seen, it was LITERALLY like a kid’s napmat placed on top of a concrete slab.

  • ‘The Springs’ is conveniently close to all common areas but you will ALWAYS be the last bus stop coming home, that can be SO tiring during late nights. Also, that means on busy mornings the buses can be pretty full when they get to you.

  • Some how I ended up with free internet for 2 days (shhh) but I am STILL convinced DVC members should receive it for free when staying at DVC resorts.

  • There are only 5 washers but about 10000 million dryers available.

  • In the studios there just is NOT enough storage/drawer space & it’s a weird layout. For example, if you want to sit on the couch area and watch TV late at night you have to turn it up pretty loud to hear it & twist the TV so you can see it 'cause it’s far away. This also causes a problem if someone is trying to sleep on the bed 'cause it’s right in front of them & can be loud.

  • You often feel like a fish in a fish tank at SSR. :laugh: There are SO many people coming through the resort on DVC tours with their little name stickers on. I felt weird on several occassions relaxing in the pool while small groups of people stood there with their arms crossed staring at me & listening to some guy talk about members relaxing in the pool. :pinch: :laugh:


OH, yes!!! That’s what I did on the plane flight :happy: I wrote out all my Christmas Card exchange cards & then mailed them from SSR. It made our flight go by SOOO fast! :happy:

Oh, it’s called the “Gorillapod” by Joby. You can find it on Best Buy


So, let’s get to some opening pictures. These are just a couple resort pictures I took on our first evening & the next morning. Really pretty, right? I am so glad I finally came to terms with appreciating my ‘home’ resort.

This was the view from our balcony at sunrise.


One of the pretty hot air balloons at sunrise.


I must have been up really early that first morning, I was excited… who could blame me? hehe.


In the lobby at ‘check in’ time.


Glad your back! Sounds great so far… cant wait for more!