Witch park is the best out of all of them


if i had a choice in witch park i like the most i would have to say bush gardens in tampa florida it had the most rides then all of them combine and u could stay their from sun up to sun down and never get bored. second best theme park would be universal studios islands of adventure because the hulk rocks my socks and spiderman will blow your mind away. and disney comes in thrid sorry its more for little kids but its still fun and i would go anytime.


I’d have to vote, hands down, for the Walt Disney World parks. I can’t give you a specific one, though, because whichever one I’m in at the moment is my favorite (I literally feel–and say-- “This is my favorite park,” in every one!). Compared to Disney, other parks just feel banal.


I’m with you bali.
WDW #1 !!!


Disney World…I have been to the other three parks, Busch, US and IOA, and no matter what I will always choose Disney over any of them…anyday!


We should have prepared you to duck after words like that here at DC, littlepickel. :wink:
You will find some voracious defenders of the mouse on these boards (but I’m a fan of Universal too).


What kind of response could you possibly be expecting on DISNEY Central?

Personally, I like WDW best but I also like Universal. In all honesty, the last time I was down there in '00, I remember saying that Spiderman was the best ride I’ve ever been on.


It’s true, IOA has 4 really great rides. The best I’ve ever ridden in my life. But that’s all it’s got. Nothing else it’s got can compare to Disney, or Busch Gardens, which I can’t wait to check out the Sheikra. No, the top park OF EVERYTHING, is a Disney park for me, and it’s Epcot.


I think WDW is the best park, but I hang out on a Disney board…


OK, which park is better? I think each park has good points and bad points. I’d say, it depends what you are into. If you’re into roller coasters and nothing but rides, then maybe Busch Gardens or Universal is the place to go. But if you want all around fun for the whole family then it WDW hands down. One thing Busch Gardens has I wish Disney would offer is you buy a ticket today at BG and it’s good for the rest of the year. I had annual passes at BG, but no longer because we are not into the roller coaster thing. Thunder Mountain or Everest is more my style. All in all, give me Disney entertainment anytime. :wub: :wub: :tongue:


well now lets not get mean here ppl thats not nice everyone has their own thoughts of what park they like the best. I love disney i did not say i did not i just think its more for kids if u have any and i do not have kids yet so i perfer to go somewhere that i can get the most for my money. i never said spiderman ride is the best ride i just said its a cool fun ride and it blows my mind away alittle. but yes i agree with raybarb here disney does need a pass like sea world and bush gardens do every year is buy pass and get to come back for free rest of year they would make alot of money i think if they did that

so sorry i did not mean to offend ppl here


I personally love all theme parks. (especially thrill rides) Though WDW gets most of my money because DD loves it there. And I love the magic to. :wink: If WDW would add some more thrill rides I would not have to visit the other parks.


When I read the title of this post I thought there was a new theme park based on WITCHES!!! HAHAHAHA

BTW…if you’re third choice is Disney, why do you have a tigger (disney) avatar?


I love all of Orlando because it offers so much and yes that includes Universal and Sea World but Disney is my favorite theme park… bottom line. I’ve been to theme parks all over the U.S and nothing compares to Disney.


People, WDW is not one park, it’s 7 parks. So when someone asks you which PARK is better, WDW is not the answer. So, to be honest here are your choices:

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Epcot
  3. Animal Kingdom
  4. Disney-MGM
  5. Blizzard Beach
  6. Typhoon Lagoon
  7. Disney Quest
  8. Universal Studios Orlando
  9. Islands of Adventure
  10. Sea World
  11. Busch Gardens Tampa
  12. Wet and Wild
  13. Cypress Gardens
    Based on THESE choices of Central Florida parks ONLY, overall choice would be Busch Gardens Tampa for the collection of coasters and other big people rides, entertainment, and it’s animals and landscaping.
    Each of the Disney parks has it’s own high points, and any of these high points does shine brighter than Busch, but when you combine the complete package, for me, Busch wins as the best SINGLE park.
    And for whoever said whatever about Spiderman, since it’s opening in 1999 The Adventures of Spiderman at IOA has been one of the highest rated, when it isn’t rated number 1, rides in all of the world. NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD!! Not Space Mountain, not Mission Space, not Indiana Jones.

(disclaimer: I own stock in Disney, Vivendi Universal, and GE)


Wow, thanks for clearin’ that up SoundGod. And to think…after all these years. :glare:


You might get it, but all the people who voted WDW instead of a single park, which is the question don’t seem to.

I wasted my 800th post for this? What’s wrong with me?


I like WDW park best!

Sorry…I couldn’t resist!! :wink:


Well, at least it’s not a flame war. :tongue:


Nope…not into those…it’s all in fun…it’s all good!


I just went to bush gardens this past weekend and i must say that new rolloer coaster out their is really cool and i rode it twice thats how much i like it. yes sound dog is right spiderman is the number one ride their at IOA. and i have to agree with sound dog in a way thats why i did not want to offend ppl i love disney. i just think like bush gardens better because i love roller coasters and it has more rides that are more for big people.