Witch theme park is better wdw or land


witch do all u think is the better park if anyone has been to both?

i like wdw because i live closer to that one then the other don’t have money to fly to the other just to go for the day.

but opionions are good to have


Well - I think that both have special magic about them. DL was the original park and that will always be special. I’ve never been to California Adventure, but I’d like to, one day. I’d love to visits ALL the Disney parks, world wide. I guess my heart belongs to WDW because it’s given us so much pleasure over the years. After 26 visits, Florida just feels like home. We always love going back.


I think it just depends on what you’re in the mood for. For me, they’re different vacations: WDW is for longer periods of time, and DL is for a few days, because for me it was always a day trip, or possibly a single overnight. They’re different, they’re lovely, and wonderful and magical… and I plan to enjoy both of them this year. Lucky me!


I prefer Disneyland, just because it is where I grew up! I took my first trip to WDW when I was 21 and found myself comparing everything to DL. I love WDW too, but Disneyland just holds that special place in my heart. :wub:


I’ve never been to Disneyland. :frowning: But I plan to go very soon!!! :slight_smile:


We have been to both WDW & DL / DCA. We like WDW more, as there is more to do and it is also a travel issue. We can be in FL in about 3.5 hours instead of about 6 going to CA. Also have family in FL, so it is also nice to visit. DL is the original, and it is always nice to see the begining.


More like a half day.
I’ve been to Disneyland twice. Celebrated my 50th birthday there. But I’ve been to WDW so many more times because it’s so much closer. I guess I like WDW better. It’s just bigger, more encompassing, and, well, all inclusive. There’s just sooooooooooo much more to do without having to venture into the world. But that’s what Walt wanted it to be.


I prefer WDW, mainly because it is more… entertaining. I went to DL last year for three days and there was not much to do. :dry:



I found myself doing the same thing in reverse when I first visited Disneyland a few years ago. Because I had been going to WDW since I was little, I kept comparing everything there to WDW.

I have to confess to liking WDW more, but DL definitely has its own special magic!


Here’s the ultimate which is which. In late Sept. 2002, we went out to Disneyland. During the parade I was able to ride Space Mountain 4 times and Big Thunder 3 times in a row. So, my most recent memories of Big Thunder were Disneyland’s version. So, I’m back in the Magic Kingdom in mid October and on Big Thunder. We get to the top of the first hill and I set my body for the first dropping turn. Too bad for me, one breaks to the left, the other to the right. I strained my neck setting my body for the opposite of what I was on. Ouch!
There are many differences and similarities between the two parks. It’s just WDW doesn’t end after 1.5 parks and 5/8 of a Downtown Disney. If I were to compare Disneyland Resort to anything, it would be to Universal Orlando. Two parks and an entertainment and dining district and three hotels.


My son and I love WDW there is so many diffrent things to do there. I find Disneyland a little bit dirty compared to Dsneyworld for some odd reason. But Disneyland will always have a special place in my heart I have been there 6 times counting my younger days about 22 years ago I was probably 12 was the first time I went there (wow) it still seems like yesterday.


Only been to DL once when I was young. I remember DL is smaller and cozier than MK, and POC is a better and longer ride at DL. But WDW has so much! Let’s just say they’re both great.


If you frequently go to WaltDisneyWorld, you would probably be disappointed with Disneyland, just because it is so much smaller. But you should spend more than a day at Disneyland, just for the mere fact that California Adventure is right next door, and there are extra bonuses there that Disneyland doesn’t offer. Downtown Disney is REALLY cool, and so it’s worth a weekend trip to Disneyland, 'cause you just can’t do it one day!!! :noo:


I lean towards the Magic Kingdom, though I am not opossed to going to DL or DCA if anyone has room in there suitcase for me.


alright i love the reponce ppl u go


I haven’t been to DL in yeeeears but from what I remember WDW has so much more to offer. I think whatever one you grew up going to will be your favorite because of the memories, so I will have to say WDW.

BTW - what is California Adventure? :huh:


which witch is which?


Smarty-Britches…but what else to expect from a ND Fan :biggrin:


We did spend 3 and a half days for the first trip and 4 and a half days for the second trip. Please don’t get the impression I’m selling Disneyland short. Plus, you can take a taxi to Knott’s for a day’s diversion as well. Semanticly speaking, a “land” can be contained by a “world”, but not the reverse. But, we know, “it’s a small world after all”.
I’m so full of wit.
For those who are unsure, DCA or Disney’s California Adventure is a new park, that some say is still lacking a full range of attractions, built directly opposite the Disneyland main entrance. The third of the Disneyland hotels, their crown jewel, the Grand Californian is built so that it is partly on park property, a first for Disney. It even has it’s own entrance into DCA and the monorail runs through the courtyard, even though there is no station.


Uh oh! Time for a visit!!