With all the deals coming out


What does everyone think of the chances of free dining being offered??? I am hoping that it will be offered next year so we can upgrade to a deluxe for my daughter’s 16th b-day trip. But I have been watchign and seeing all the offers that are being put out and wondering if they will even offer the free dining this year…

So what does everyone think…Do I take a chance and wait or take one of the offers that are out right now???


What dates are you looking at? You can book now and change it later if another offer comes out later. I’ve called several times and applied a different code to a reservation and it’s never been a problem.


So far the week we’ve picked is August 20-26 2009… My daughter REALLY REALLY wants to stay at AKL so I am trying my best to get her there but to be honest without the free dining we will have to stay at CBR or NOFQ…So for her 16th I was aiming to make it her “Disney Dream” vacation…


I think you have a good chance but I honestly don’t remember when free dining usually starts but it’s late August.


It certainly sounds possible to me. The dates seem about right. I hope you get it.


Thats around the time we were there last year and we had Free dining which was amazing! I hope we are able to get a similar deal for this year’s trip