With gas heading to 4 dollars a gallon will it effect your disney plans


We still havent booked. Time will tell.


I say no for our up coming trip, but it did help us make up our minds as to whether we were driving or flying this trip. We figured it would have cost us $600 in gas to drive or $1000 to fly. For us it was worth it to fly.


Depends on how much it affects air fare!


We have our APs and our trip is booked and paid for so I’m not backing out now. We won’t plan another trip until summer of '09 so I have a long time to wait and see what happens.


Dt, that’s kind of where we are too. I have one more trip planned on this AP, and then, we’re taking a break until Dec. 09. But, we always fly. So, I guess the price of gas never has made an impact in our decision making.


We’re planning to fly as well. I’ve been checking SWA and right now our flight is about $99 each way but I can only book through May 8th. I don’t expect the price to go up a lot since this has been the price for about 5 years.


yes and no for our upcoming may trip we are diving middle DD will notfly no way, but for our tentative september trip we will probably fly as it is jsut DH and I


No, it will not effect our Disney vacations. We will just do our driving a little wiser. Vacation is still vacation. In the past, we have gotten great rates to fly SWA, and we budget for vacation. We just have to add a littler more to the vacation budget.


I have a trip booked for March and one planned for November and both are still a “go”!!


I was planning on going during April but the flights are too much and there isn’t time to drive the entire distance. We will visit something closer on our break instead. Disney may not happen for another 2 years for me.


We leave everything to fate. If I get a great deal on flying, we fly. If not, we will jump in the car and drive. We are the same way, and save up for a trip, so will just have to save a little more if it comes to that.


Ouch! No can do. May just have to be the adults this time.


Nah, just have to build it in the the expense of the trip!:glare:


I’m going to say no. We will fly down, and I already expect the flight to be high, no pun intended!


Nope, we have 3 trips planned this year and gas prices won’t stop us. It’s still cheaper than flying for the 4 of us.


I said “possibly”…only because if airfare goes up, it will definitely affect my plans. Airfare is one of the biggest expenses when I go to WDW…going all the way across the country isn’t very affordable. :dry: :laugh:


No, and possibly.

“No” because I have to take a truck from TN to SoCal anyway, so I’ll definitely be going to Disneyland. The gas costs will be built into the budget for the road trip.

“Possibly” because depending on how high the price per gallon actually goes and how that impacts airfares, I may not be flying my DD out to join me after schlepping my stuff cross-country.

I’d love to have her come to the parks with me, but that may not be feasible. Right now, it’s too early to tell.


It will cause me to purchase a more gasoline efficient car to ensure my WDW plans are never affected!! :laugh:

I get 25 mpg now, so gas expenses aren’t that high from NC to WDW. Our last drive (at higher gas prices) cost about $170 total.

(Hopefully, gas at $4 will also cause other people to seriously consider if they really need that gas guzzler)


On the other hand, I’m okay paying more for gas if I’m in a larger, safer vehicle with my kids. I only drive 2 miles to work, so even though my truck doesn’t get as good gas mileage, a full tank will last a month, and keep myself and kids much safer than these tiny little cars, who get 50 miles per gallon.


So happy that I am so close now, but good luck to those of you in the northern states.