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I leave for Disney in 28 days:laugh: I tried to make ADR’s 2 weeks ago and only got 2 of my choices. :crying: Everything else was booked. We will be there 7 days, do you think it will be possible to just go to a resturant and try to get seated?



Yes I do. I think that the ADR’s are all being wiped out due to the dining plan. I think that some people make them, and do not always show. I am confident you will be able to get a seat at most places. May not be the times you want, but I am sure you will get in.


We usually like to have lupper (lunch and supper) around 3:00ish. So I was thinking we might have a better chance of getting a table.

Also, when would be a good time for Chef Mickey’s. My son really wants to go and I couldn’t get a reservation.


As a general rule, avoid traditional lunch and dinner times. To me those are the most crowded. Hopefully someone can help you with Chef Mickey’s. That may be a hard one. There are some places that you may not get, but you can always call Disney Dining while you are there to see if there has been any cancellations.


I think Daisee is absolutely correct. You’ll be seated at this time of year.

One possibility is to have the concierge at the resort make ADRs for you. We used to walk into City Hall or Guest Services at other parks and they would make any ADR for us that we wanted. Always traveling in November!!


Thank you for your advise. I see you leave in 10 days!!! How exciting!!!:laugh:


since you like to eat at an off time, you should be fine! try to call each morning and see what’s available - there are always cancellations! have fun!!


You have an excellent chance of getting a table as a walk-up if you head to the restaurants before dinner and after a popular lunch time. Best of luck to you.


I would also highly recommend being persistent with the calling just to see if there are cancellations. A friend of mine got in to the princess meal at Epcot by calling the day before, while they were already at the resort. She had been trying to get in before-hand but were told that it was all booked. They also were lucky enough to get into Donald’s breakfast at AK (last minute also). Good luck!!


Keep calling…we were able to snag a Chef Mickey dinner that I must have called for 5 or 6 times before and were told they were booked…people over book and cancell. My DD told me last week they were able to get into the California Grill just by asking while at the hotel letting the kids play in the arcade there…and got a window seat to watch the fireworks! So you never know.


Good luck! I hope you get to eat where you really want to…we have usually had luck walking up - you may have to come back a bit later.


I think I’m just going to wing it and hope for the best. I can’t live by a schedule. (I know that must hurt all of you over planners :blush: )

It will all work out in the end. I’m in Disney, what could go wrong :eek:


Winging it is half the fun. You’ll do just fine. Have fun!!


I talk my way into a lot of resturants. I even got back stage passes to Fantasmic just by asking. Can’t hurt, good luck,


be persistant with your calls…people cancel all the time for one reason or another. Infact earlier this year we actually forgot that we had a meal booked at Chef Mickey’s and when we realised it was too late we spoke to ouar conceirge and she called ahead for us to tell the restaurant we were not coming and they said that was great as they new there people waiting to be walk ins! She then managed to re book us later in the week for the same thing.

Never give up. Faith trust and pixie dust!!!


I agree…be persistent and keep trying. Even if you are already there, work with the concierges at the Disney resorts or the guest relations CMs in the parks to keep trying to get into the restaurants you want. My DW even saved the dining reservation number in her cell phone so we could check, make changes, etc while we were walking throughout the parks.

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