WL Bunk Bed Rooms?


Has this been asked before? If so, I apologize!

Can anyone tell me if my 6-foot-tall DS would be able to fit in one of the WL bunk beds? Are they big enough for a really tall kid? Thanks.


As far as I know they are a standard twin size bed.


I would assume yes, if it is standard twin, how old is your ds?


I only looked and didn’t lay down. I think it might be tight but I think he’ll make it. I considered sleeping on the bottom last week if I became too restless in the queen with the wife. I don’t sleep well at all anymore.


My DS is now 6ft tall and he didn’t complain when he slept in one March '06., but he was probably 5’7 or 5’8" at that time. It is a standard twin sized bed.


OK! I hope I have an announcment soon about why I am asking… hint hint! Let’s just say I was online yesterday checking out resorts!


If we have a room with bunk beds again at WL over New Year’s, I’ll be sure to let you know if he’ll fit comfortably.


I’m sorry, I know what I promised, but I can’t deliver. Our room last week had two queens, no bunks. So I wasn’t able to see how long the bunks are. I do think your son should be OK.