WL busses


How are they? Pretty fast? I read they also pick up FW, how much time does it add? We will have a car but don’t want to use it a whole lot. We want to take the busses and boats but don’t want it to add alot of time into the travel. We are used to POP and the solo resort busses lol


We have never stopped at Ft Wildenress when we used the buses there. They may during the middle of the day but we never gone to Ft Wilderness.


We have been on a WL alone loop, WL/CR loop, the WL/GF loop, a WL/Poly/GF loop, and last but not least, a WL/FW loop. I guess it all depends on the time of the year and crowd levels.
We only waited once for the bus to DHS on the WL/FW loop longer than the advertised 20 minutes. But the WL to MK bus runs about every 10-15 minutes it seems. Much quicker than the boat.