I am wondering what you guys suggest we are going to Disney in February and are looking to stay at on of these resorts. We are taking our 2 DDs (ages 11 and 8) I don’t want to change resorts in the middle of our stay that would be to much with 2 kds. We are going down for 6 nights. I was just wondering if you could please give me some suggestions on which would be better to stay at this time. Thank you for your help… :tongue:


I love the WL, but reccomend AKL for small children. There is nothing like waking up to animals outside your bedroom…too cool! However, if you children aren’t that into the animals, go to WL. It’s beautiful and is very close to the magica kingdom.


This is strictly a matter of personal preference. Both hotels are beautifully themed and have wonderful amenities. It’s just a choice between which ones you prefer.

Personally, I think I’d go for the AKL. I’ve stayed at the WL before and it was nice, but I’d really like to give the AKL a try. My friends just stayed there and were quite impressed with the savannah view room they had.


I have one DD who loves elephants but the other could care one way or the other. But thank you for your help. I will have to take that into consideration.


Please be forwarned that there aren’t any elephants there. They have some cool animals, but no elephants.

ddoll is totally right. It’s definately a matter of personal preference… Have you gone to allears.net and checked out the resort FAQ’s and pictures. That will give you some idea of what is at each. They both are beautiful places…just one has animals and the other doesn’t. Oh, I must mention that the transportation at the AKL is a bit better too. You don’t share a bus with another resort as you do at the WL. The WL has a direct boat launch to the mk though. pros and cons at both places, but you won’t go wrong no matter which you choose.


Well thank you for that heads up cause I think she would of been really disappointed unless i was to say something before hand. No i haven’t checked out that web site I will do that now thank you again…


I have never stayed at AKL because we love WL too much. I like the fact that it is a quick boat ride to MK where we spend most of our park time.

I have to add that I used to live in the Quad Cities–I lived on the Illinois side and still visit my family there often.


We’ve stayed at both and I’d have to give the slight edge to AKL, but my family and I are really into animals.

If your not then the WL would be the place to be.