WL or Monorail Hotel?


Currently booked at WL for a 5 night stay in Sept for my DD 6th birthday. We are planning 1.5 days in Epcot, 2 days in MK (plus MNSSHP) and 1 day at HS (no hopper but do plan some swim time at the hotel for a couple of afternoons). Almost all character dining planned. Now I’m questioning the hotel decision. Have had miserable bus experiences in the past so now rethinking. We have stayed at the Poly and loved it. GF is really too expensive. Have read very little about Contemporary. Should I switch to either Poly or Contemp?


You can take a boat from WL to MK and it really is a nice ride. That being said, nothing beats staying at a Monorail Hotel for a family that will be sepending most of their time at MK and Epcot. It is so much easier to get back to the hotel if you need a break in the day.

Just my 2 cents.


I would stay with the WL. While, I am not a nature fan (GF is more my style)… I loved this hotel… It was a quick trip- by boat to the MK, then we took that and made our way to the monorail to Epcot (fun way to ride the monorail), then took the bus to the other parks… It is fun to try different hotels… You will like it- don’t worry. Are you getting a bunk bed room? That would be different and fun for the kids…


We stayed at WL in Dec and really enjoyed the resort. It was great having the boat or bus option to MK, we took the boat everytime. I think you’ll really enjoy it.


The Contemporary and WL are my favorites. Being on the monorail and also walking distance to MK, Contemporary is a little more convenient than WL. Once you start talking buses though, they’re about the same.
If you stay in the garden wing at Contempo, it will only be a little more than WL. On the other hand, if you’re doing the Contempo and can afford it, I highly recommend the tower.
Another thing to keep in mind however, is that the DVC Bay Lake Tower will be opening and all those guests will add to the overall transportation loads at the Contempo, and that tower is much bigger than the DVC villas at WL.

If you’re going to pay that much for the Poly, you might as well get an MK view room in the Contemporary Tower.
On the other hand, I’m sure you’ll enjoy WL.
By the way, the rooms at Poly and Contempo are the biggest on property because they were built in 1970.


Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong either way. I had no transportation issues when I stayed at WL, and I loved the resort. On the other hand, I think it’s hard to beat the convenience of a monorail resort. I guess it comes down to how you evaluate the price difference – for myself, I would stay at WL.


I’ve already posted that WL and Contemporary are my personal favorites and we’ve stayed at WL more times than Contemporary, mostly because of price.
In a couple weeks we’ll be staying at the Contemporary (my birthday) but in the garden wing instead of the tower, just to cut the cost down to size. Recently, AP rates were released and I could have stayed in the tower for about the same money as I was originally spending for the wing, but I still decided to go with the wing and save $200 for three days and keep my fingers crossed that when I check in, the CM will have mercy on me and upgrade us to the tower because after all, it is my birthday.
If not, I’ll be just as happy overlooking the pool from the second floor instead of the MK from the 11th.

And tangentially, given a choice of AKL or WL, I choose WL because it’s on Bay Lake and has a marina and I just love taking out a Sea Raycer and tearing it up in front of the MK on a crowded Saturday afternoon.


My personal opinion…I’d opt for Poly or GF over WL. We’ve stayed at WL and while it was nice, it wasn’t our favorite resort. I know a lot of people love WL, but for me, I prefer more “sprawling” designed resorts rather than the “hotel” type resorts. I just love to open my door directly to the outside and not have to walk down a long hall-way and have to wait for an elevator (reminds me of work too much!!):happy:
Also I prefer the theming of Poly and GF over WL. Maybe its because we are from the “Great North” but I don’t care to take my vacation there. :eek:I’m partial to the tropical theme myself.
Anyway, you really can’t make a wrong decision on a Disney resort, everyone has a different opinon/likes/dislikes. You have to decide which resort you prefer and if the transportation available is ultimately a “deal-breaker” or not.
Tough decision…good luck!!:happy:


My opinion is one of the Monorail resorts even though we want to try WL and AKL as it seems like you plan to spend most time at MK or EPCOT.


Thanks everyone. We switched to Contemporary so that we can use the monorail for this shorter visit. I decided it was worth the extra expense! We love Poly but thought we needed to try somewhere new!! Any room request suggestions? We paid for garden view only (couldn’t afford MK view, as much as my DD would have loved it for her birthday)?


In my opinion, Monorail anyday for convenience alone. Plus, I love the Poly. But, if I were going to stay at any other convenient resort? WL is the one!


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;961274]
Also I prefer the theming of Poly and GF over WL. Maybe its because we are from the “Great North” but I don’t care to take my vacation there. :eek:I’m partial to the tropical theme myself.[/QUOTE]

Conversely, I live in South Florida and have enough palm trees in my front and back yard, so for me, the faux Old Faithful Inn atmosphere of WL is my departure from the everyday.
Also, I prefer an all under one roof hotel rather than the multiple buildings of several Disney hotels.
One other point, neither GF nor Poly offer you the ability to just open your room’s door and step outside. That is reserved for the mods and values. However, all three offer balconies although the Poly is oddly designed so that only the third floor rooms have balconies while the second floor has sliding glass doors in place of a window with no balcony, and of course the first floor has patios.


Are you in the tower or in the garden wing?
There is a big difference in height and price.
The garden wing is basically an out building adjacent to the southern part of the tower, but not connected physically.


Garden Wing/Garden View.


Stacey, we’re staying in the garden wing/garden (pool) view next month.
The rooms should be identical to the rooms in the main tower. All were refurbished over the same time period between late 2004 and 2006, so you will have wide screen LCD TVs and new furnishings and plumbing fixtures, and as I recall, it’s pretty similar to the refurbished Poly rooms, with exceptions in plumbing fixtures and bamboo.
When will you be there?
As for room suggestions, I’ve only stayed in the tower on the 12th floor (twice) so I have no clues about the wing, though it might be interesting if you can get something that overlooks the channel between Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake (except for the boats’ air horns).
Me, I’m still holding out hope for a gratis birthday upgrade.


We won’t be there until Sept. I am going to hold out hope for a gratis birthday upgrade as well. I’ll be anxiously awaiting a TR from your upcoming trip. Let me know if you have any room suggestions after your trip! Have a great birthday trip and thanks for your input!


OK Stacey. I’ll make sure to let you know, but you do realize that room assignments within categories are luck of the draw and I don’t seriously think there’s going to be a great difference in rooms, unless they also consider water view rooms in the wing as garden view.


Monorail!! Nothing beats the convenience of the monorail. Plus the CR, Poly and GF are all incredible resorts, especially the Poly.