WL or Poly at Christmas


The only resort I’ve ever stayed at is the Poly. Going to WDW and staying at the Poly go hand-in-hand. However, my DH would love a change. We’re planning on going next December and he wants to stay at the WL. What do you y’all think? Do you get a wonderful feeling staying at the WL?


I’ve never stayed at WL at Christmas but we love the resort. The atmosphere is so relaxing, from the minute we walk in the lobby I forget everything from home and relax.


New Year’s Eve, decoration wise, is the same as Christmas and we’re staying there then. Heck, even this Monday is the same as Christmas. I’ll let you know Wednesday when I get home. I don’t take the laptop for two night stays.
Poly last year was pretty tame.


We loved our stay at WL. We are staying there xmas 2008. Already booked! It will be our first xmas stay so we are very excited…


T0219… we have been to both resorts at Christmastime, and WOW! They are both incredibly beautiful.

YES! You get the magical feeling at WL!!! Oh my gosh, it may be one of the most beautiful resorts in all of WDW anyway, but add the Christmas decor to it, and you have some very serious MAGIC!!!

You can be very confident that you will be surrounded by amazing everything at WL!!! It is spectacular!


The Wilderness Lodge is perfect. Their holiday decorations are my absolute favorite.


I’m a creature of habit myself and tend not to try new places. But if I was you I would try WL for Christmas.


I think the rustic theme of the WL lends itself quite well to Christmas/winter decorations. They do an outstanding job with it. I just don’t think the rooms in the WL are anything special. If you are very attached to the room and the large space in the Poly, you may be slightly disappointed in the WL room. But check out the pictures at Allears and see if it’s worth it.


We have stayed at both at Christmas time and it is a toss up for me. I would be happy at either one. I think the decorations at the WL are a little better than the Poly. But it is a tough choice. Sorry not much help. Remember you can always go to the WL and explore!


I really didn’t think the Poly did anything out of the ordinary this past holiday season. Don’t know until later this week what any of them look like this year.


We made our first visit to both the Poly and WL during our Thanksgiving trip. We avoided the parks and spent all morning visiting the resorts.

Our take was that the Poly was very limited decoration-wise. WL was decorated nicely and had a warm and home-like feel.

If you are looking for a Christmas feel, I’d go with WL.


I don’t think you can go wrong at any Disney resort they all have something special to offer
The Poly is Beautiful but not the most decorated for Christmas. If your going for decorations then I would have to say go to the WL but if it doesn’t matter much then I would go to the Poly as transportation is great there. Short walk to the TTC and monorail at your front door practically


Does anyone have pics of the WL at Christmas time???
That would be nice to see!!! :happy:

Although I can go in person in 8 days and see it! :happy:


I would thinking WL would be a great change of pace for you. The pictures that I’ve seen of it decked out at Christmas time looks awesome. And it has such a warm homey feel, I think it would be perfect!


Update post: The Poly’s Christmas decorations are once again a bust, especially compared to Wilderness Lodge. starting with a 5 story tall tree in the lobby, garland and lights from all railings in the main lobby atrium, and more lights and garland all over the resort. I think my front yard has more lights than the Poly.
Sorry, no pics this week. I was too tired to take out the camera. I expect to take pics over New Year’s.


We always stay at the Poly, it’s hard to imagine staying somewhere else, so I understand your dilemma, OP.

That being said, the WL is gorgeous, especially at xmas, and I think you will be very happy if you try it. I like the Poly at xmas too though, I like the low key decorations, the hawaiian xmas music playing…but the WL just fits the xmas theme more, I guess.


Well the WL has much better decorations and goes with the Christmas theme much better and the cold weather really spoiled the theme of the Polynesian for me but you still can’t beat the transportation options of the Polynesian.




WL is gorgeous at Christmas. It is my fav @ christmas time.


I would take the WL. While the Poly is lovely, the South Pacific theme does not evoke Christmas the way the Wilderness Lodge will, with its decorations, fireplace, etc. Happy Holidays!


Well I have been lucky enough to stay in both resorts and truly love them both but I think my choice for Christmas would have to be WL. I can just imagine the Christmas Decs they put up there. The rest of the year the place is stunning so at Christmas time I can bet it is even more so!