WL - question on conceirge room


I am still trying to decide as to what resort we are going to stay at in August. Depending on the rates, my parents may be staying with us. One of the options is a concierge level room that sleeps 5 people. It is probably going to be approximately the same as a garden view room that also sleeps 5 at the Contemporary. We have never stayed at either resort before.

So is conceirge at WL better than a standard room at the Contemporary? And is there a big difference in room size ??

We are still working on the budget and as of now, if we stay at a deluxe we will only be going for two nights. If we stay at a moderate we may be able to do three nights. But we also have to put in the equation that our seasonal passes end the saturday we are there. So if we want to hit a park (s) on sunday we are going to have to buy some type of ticket. If I could find a job well before August then the finances wouldnt be so tight (although if I find a job we may not be able to go until after I get out of work on friday).

I know alot of people would say to stay at a value or moderate to save money. Aside from the fact that we think the beds are uncomfortable at both and a little small, we do not go on any “real” vacations throughout the year. So last year we decided once a year (as long as our bills are paid and we arent sinking in debt) we should splurge and stay where we are most comfortable (within reason). Luckily, h has sidework money saved so we have alot saved already.

So many “if’s”…it stinks.

Sorry about my rambling…would love to hear about the WL …