WL rooms questions?


We may postpone the cruise till 2006…

Thinking about staying at WL next May.
Do all the rooms have balconies?
Or where should I request to make sure we’d get a room with a balcony ??



As far as I know all the room have a balcony. I had a courtyard view when staying there in 2002 and I remember looking out at nothing but balconies…very beautiful resort. :heart:


I have stayed at WL several times with different views and every room I have been in had a balcony.


Thanks. I didn’t want to vouch for other locations because I only stayed there the one time with a courtyard view.


I think they all have balconys except the ground floor has patios. We had a pool/courtyard view and it was beautiful.


Not all rooms in the WL have balconies. Some balconies have privacy rails so that you can’t see out when sitting. Rooms on the top floor have solid wall balconies so you can’t see out when sitting on these either.

If a balcony is important to you, make the request when you book your room.


If you can request it I would recommend room 4032 that’s were we stayed in april. Unless you don’t bunkbeds. or a room in that vacinity. We had a great view of Cinderella’s castle. It was wonderful!!!


We stayed in that area too!! It was beautiful!! It was our honeymoon and we watched fireworks from our romm!! What a treat!!
I love th WL :wub:


Hey tink, whats a romm? Is that your Connecticut accent for room?
Love your hubby…

Ps, The honeymoon room was very cool, we even fell asleep one rainy night early and was awaken by fireworks over Cinderellas Castle.

Also take alook at the room service menu, we had an in-room picnic, with a checkered table cloth and all.


I’ve stayed there twice and the first time (Dec 01) and we had a courtyard view which was really nice. When I was there in July, we had a ground floor woods view which wasn’t really much but we never spent any time there anyway. I think most rooms have balconies just some have better views then others.

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