WL studios question


I need to know if the studios have plates and silverware? I remember bowls, and cups but not anything else. i am trying to figure out what I need to bring with me. We will be using a griddle to cook our breakfast in the rooms and need to know what to bring. Thanks!!


There are plates but they are paper. There are also plastic spoons,knives and forks.


Is there enough for 7 people for 3 meals or should I bring more. I can always wash the plastic spoons and forks.


I am not sure…you can always ask mousekeeping for more.


There won’t be enough for 7 since a studio is set up for 4. We get a small stack of all the paper products and 4-6 plastic silverware. That’s not per day, that all we get between mousekeeping visits every 3-4 days. Studios aren’t really set up for cooking so you are going to have to bring some of what you need.


We have 2 studios between the 7 of us.


:laugh:Then double that. They really don’t give you a lot of supplies for eating in a studio so if you want it bring it.


Thanks,I guess I’ll be bringing extra.


When I used my DVC in Dec they had the paper plates and plastic forks but for some reason my mom had to bring a ton more and when we went to CS places she got more. By the end of the trip we had enough silverware to feed a small army. I have no clue why she wanted to get more when we never ate a single meal in the room.


Thanks. I think just to be safe I will bring extra plates at least. I can wash the plasticware. We are only eating breakfast in the room. So, I don’t need alot.


They do have a small supply but you can always pick up more at Roaring Forks. They have plates and plastic silverware right in the front part of the dinning room area.


also if needed you can call mousekeeping and they will bring you up some more.


Never thought of that. I could do that.