WL transportation changes


For anyone staying at WL now through Decermber, Effective two days ago, buses to Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness from the Magic Kingdom have been relocated to the Transportation and Ticket Center until further notice. This is due to construction that will be done on bus load zones 1-5, which will cause other Disney buses to be moved around among the remaining Magic Kingdom load zones until some time in December.

*I read this of WDWmagic


what type of construction are they doing?


Well that will make for interesting commuting, won’t it?


they need to add the monorail to the WL…


You can always use the boat services between the WL and Contemporary and catch the monorail to help ease the traveling situation.


i forgot about the boat. that runs pretty frequently, right???


If I remember correctly the boat run ever ten minutes.


Are these the only 2 MK area resorts that will be affected by this?


They need to extend monorails to DTD,AK, and MGM. while they’re at it, how about one from Orlando International.
In practice, I don’t think this will add more than 5 minutes to the ride. You’re almost across the street from TTC, and the express monorail is fairly quick from there. Or you can just use the boats more. But the question is, which other resorts are affected by this change? Who else uses Platforms 1-5?


that is a good question. i am sure there is more than just the WL affected by this.


If you take the boat to Contemporary and then get off to walk to the monorail, you’ll be saddened to learn that the resort monorail circles clockwise, so you’ll ride all the way around the lagoon before you get to the MK station. You’re better staying on the boat, or walking from the Contemporary, though, it’s not as short because you’ll have to walk the entire dock, cross the pool area, cross the lobby, and then walk through to Magic Kingdom.
But in practice, none of this is as difficult as it sounds, just time consuming.
Bottom line, my suggestion, eitehr deal with the bus to TTC and get on the express monorail, or just take the boat directly to MK.


I would think the reason they opted to temporarily put WL/FW busses out of operation, is because there still is the option of the boats and it wouldn’t interfere with guest transportation too much.


was anything else effected by the relocation?


I think guests of WL will be fine with this change. The boat services can get you where you need to go.


The only time I ever took the bus from MK to WL is when the boat gets too crowded. Last July during the evening extra magic hours it was standing room only on the boat. We were the only ones on the bus. Thanks for the heads up.


Yes and its the best way to get to MK.


i remember that the boat ride was always so relaxing…


I agree, it would be so handy. But then again I love taking the boat to MK and all the other resorts.


Both FW and WL guests still have the option of a straight commute using the launch boat thingy. You won’t have to do the TTC thing unless you really want to. The far off option would be to launch over to the contemporary and walk to MK. I do hope that WDW is going to have that launch running a bit more often to help get people to the MK since the buses will be a bit of a hassle.


the boat is nice at night after a full day in the park