WL transportation


HI, all.
I was reading the reviews of WL on allears, & it seem sthat the running complaint i sthe transportation to/from the parks. Lots of complaining about the busses making multiple stops, long boat rides, & overall frustration about the time it take sto get somewhere.
Can anyone tell me if the problem is really as big as these reviews are making it seem?
Do all of the busses to the other parks, not MK, share their routes with other hotels, or with other parks?
Any info on this would be helpful, so we know what to expect!


We love WL and I have never had an issue with the transportaion. The launch to MK is wonderful, it’s so relaxing after a long day in the park. We’ve always thought the buses were fine, no better or worse than any other resort. We’ve stayed there twice and only had one long wait and that was during the afternoon leaving MGM. I do remember sharing one bus with GF and one bus with FW but it wasn’t a problem for us.


We had the same experience as Disney Teacher when we stayed there. I love the WL… :wub:


Here is a neat little wizard that will help with how to get fro A to B and about how long it will take. :smile:



I think the biggest thing with any of the busses, is timing.


You know it. You could walk up and one will be waiting or just miss it and wait another 10 to 20 min. for the next one. :pinch:


I’ve come to believe that the biggest issue with transport in WDW in general, and with WL in particular, is the crowd level. We stayed at the WL over Memorial Day weekend 2005, and we were not impressed with the boat transport, especially to MK (we generally didn’t use the buses, although my DMiL did one day and was very pleased). I got the distinct impression that the very heavy crowds that weekend were what really pushed the transport system over the line from convenient to inconvenient. That said, it did surprise me a bit that WL shares a boat with FW. Either they should dedicate a line to MK, or add another boat to the circuit.

By the way, we still loved WL, and would stay there again (when it’s less crowded!).

Dr. Teeth


We had no problem with transportation at WL in January. The boat rides were relaxing and enjoyable and the busses, though ours were often shared with FW, were fine.


Good to hear, since we’ll be there mid september, when crowds hopefully will be lower.


You’ll have a fabulous time. I can’t wait until we go back to WL in December. I’m dragging my parents along this time! :slight_smile:


The Wilderness lodge does normally share with another resort. There has also been a change to bus transportation, maybe 6 months ago. The bus that went to the ttc has been eleminated and a new route was added direct to the Magic kingdom.


Wow!!! So there is a bus going direct to MK!!! This is great news, because I use a scooter to get around the parks and understand that the boats are not necessarily ECV accessible. Is this true?


Unfortunetly I can’t give you a definete answer on that, There are some VERY VERY creative Cast members that work the water luanches from the WL to the MK. However do to changing water levels the boat may be slightly below the dock or above the dock, if it is to far they are unable to take Guests traveling in Wheelchairs or ECV.

Cast members in the past have been known if the boat is sitting to high to have all the other guest board first to make the boat heavier and get to sit lower in the water. If its to low they will have everyone move to one side of the boat to put the boat on a angle. There are proably other tricks they have I don’t know as well.


Yep, that’s true! There’s an MK bus now.


So, when it comes to sharing busses with other resorts, do they run more busses more often? What about busses that have more that 1 stop, like AKL & BB?


I haven’t noticed busses coming faster when shared with other resorts.


I think these are the pair ups

  1. FW and WL (normally Epcot)

  2. GF and WL (most other parks)

  3. WL by itself (depends on demand)


We just stayed there last month and had no real problems with the bus service. It is a little farther to DTD from the MK resorts so it will seem like it takes forever, but that is really the only thing I noticed.


I guess I was hoping for quicker transportation to the parks from WL than what we had from POP, which wasn’t that bad.
My big fear is the sharing of busses with other resorts, having the bus come, & finding out it’s already full from the other resort & we have to keep waiting. Hopefully that’s not the case!


Other then Epcot and DTD, WL is NORMALLY the first stop.