WL vs. CB - DH keeps changing his mind... HELP!


Last night DH says, he is not sure he wants to spend he extra $$$ to stay at WL… so I need PROS AND CONS - I figured it out (WL without park hoppers and standard view & CB with park hoppers and preferred view) there is a $400 difference - should I just bite the bullet and stay at the CB or PFQ with the park hoppers and preferred view???



Ok… IMO~ Im only there to sleep. I never take advantage of anything at the resort thats why I stay at the values… Now $400 savings to me is an extra day!!! LOL… If you cant do that save it for something in the park. Perhaps a tour or something… I have never stayed at the WL but I did at the CR and loved it. I really cant give u pros and cons only the savings I would put to use for something awesome!!


Depends on how you use the resort. If you just shower and sleep, then I would say save the $$$. If you really spend a lot of time at your resort then I would say go for WL. I am a HUGE fan of WL. It is my favorite resort. But you have to do what makes sense for you.


We stayed at CB before, my only problem is my Mom, she is older and has some trouble walking at times, if I could get a building close to everything that would make my life easier, but if not… I WILL BE YELLED AT BY MY DAD!!! - and no one wants that.

Extra Day I won’t see that, I have to leave on the 27th - gotta fly out to Savannah the next day.


I know that DH and I both will take advantage of the work out room. I was looking forward to the lake and seeing MK from the beach.


Both are nice IMO but I agree with pps that if you don’t spend time at the resort you should save the $. That said, we LOVE WL and I’d highly recommend it!

BUT - are you willing to forgo the hoppers? Do you normally hop? You might miss that ability…


Then IMO… if you can swing it, it is worth it.

There is not a lot of walking at WL. WC & AP are both right off the main lobby, as well as the little Counter Service area.

You can enjoy both the bus transportation & boat ride & you are also just a tiny boat ride away from FW where you can rent boats, bikes, HDD & Trails End.

I just love it there, cant ya tell?!


One big advantage to the WL is everything is compact and close. There is only one big building with elevators and short hallways. The walking time from your room to the bus stop is just a few minutes (in the air conditioning). Also, the boat launch is close enough and will take you directly to the gates of the MK.

The views at WL are all good. Even the standard room is nice. When we stayed there I asked for a standard room with a MK view on the highest floor. We could see wishes every night from our balcony.


That’s the whole thing… last trip I got the hoppers and WE NEVER USED THEM… I might spend the extra $$$ and get MNSSHP tickets for MissSMIG and I instead…

DH thinks we need hoppers for 1 day, the day we go to AK - because the park closes early… I told him we could spend the night in DTD or at the Boardwalk, go play minigolf with my parents.


We didn’t use our Hopper option last year either…but…I think I’d get it just in case.


I think the upgrade is worth the $400. We like everything about WL and would gladly pay just $400 more to stay there. However, if the money means giving up something else I would switch to POFQ over CBR just because pf the size. I hate walking half a mile to refill my mug or get to the main building.

I’m guess I’m spoiled but I like having everything in one building expecially since we go in the summer and it’s often raining in the afternoon when we go back to the resort. A heavy shower would keep us in the room and I would go stir crazy. At WL you could wander around and enjoy the atmosphere of the resort if the weather is bad.


they say we have up until 3 days before we arrive to add it (but I know I can add it there) it’s $45 per person x 4 = $180.00.


My sentiment exactly. As much as we like POFQ, $400 is worth it to upgrade to WL. I like having everything in the same building too.


I do agree with you… when we stayed at POR everything seemed SO FAR AWAY… he did say the PFQR would be alright… but I really want to stay at WL… maybe next time.


I would prefer to stay at a nicer resort than to have park hoppers but that is just me


The beach looks the wrong way to see MK from WL.
On the other hand, unless you get a room right on top of a bus station at CBR, you’re in for walks. Also, you’re in for walks from your room to the main building under most circumstances.
The WL has about 728 rooms, all under one roof and bus service to all the parks as well as a direct boat from WL to MK that is usually the large wheelchair/scooter accessible Bon Voyage class, not the launches.
CBR has over 2,000. If you’re a Rush fan, you know the number, 2112.

As for pools? Here’s a partial pic taken from the seventh floor.

With the mom situation, I’d strongly consider trying to swing the extra $400 for the hoppers and stay at WL.


Haha…nice Rush reference thrown in there!

With walking being a possible issue…the smaller resort might be what you want. But…it would be tough for me to pass up the hoppers. I like having the flexibility.


It’s not the hopper price… it would only cost me an additional $180.00 for hoppers, but as I look into a little further… maybe the PFQR might be better than CB…

I don’t know I am so confused.


Pep… now I am thinking PFQR it’s one building and it might be better for her to be walking INSIDE instead of outside in the HEAT!!! :laugh: :laugh: :blush: :laugh: :laugh:


Seriously- treat yourself! I have never regretted our first stay at WL… $$ was tight for us, but we went for it (even though I wasn’t sure we made the right decision). I just don’t think that the two resorts are comparable.

As for the hopper situation, I’d have to see you itinerary to have an opinion… you might not have time to hop if your schedule is full.