WL w/ Five-WDW Website quotes Concierge


Hi all,

Yes, it has been a while, sorry. Seems when we plan a trip I am on MB a lot more than when we are not going. I am in the process of getting prices to book our trip for June of 2013 and I am a tad confused. I have gotten figures for both the Poly and BC for 5, one room with 2 Q beds and 1 Day bed. When I try WL it gives me concierge only. Does WL not have the same set up as Poly and BC???


someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not think that WL has daybeds… Not totally sure about that though.


The few times we’ve stayed at WL we didn’t have a day bed in our room so only 4 in the room.


Wilderness lodge doesn’t sleep five unless you get that massive upgrade - sorry hiner. Nice to see you!!:heart:


Nope, no day bed.


Yeah, Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge are the only two deluxe resorts that don’t have daybeds available to accommodate 5.


Thanks all!!! I read up and found out no day beds. The only resorts the offer the 2Q and a day bed are the Poly, BC and Contemporary. So it is either one of those or 2 rooms at a Mod resort. POR is out as my son is way to big for the trundle bed.


—it’s really crowded in the POR with a trundle bed even with little ones!


I read somewhere that some of the Boardwalk rooms have the sleeper sofas, the corner rooms maybe.


The GF has daybeds, too. BC, YC, and BW have daybeds (or rollaways), but not in all rooms (unlike Contemporary, Poly, and GF where every standard room has a daybed) - you have to request a room for five.