WOAH! DVC offer for shareholders! COMPLIMENTARY Disney vacation!


I just got the 2005 annual report in the mail and there was a flyer enclosed in it that says…

“From now until March 31,2006 Disney shareholders are eligible to receive a complimentary Disney vacation when purchasing a real estate interest in Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort.”

Then it just says to call (800)972-3456 to ask about the offer!!

Hmm, sounds interesting to me!!!


Sounds good to me too, maybe too good to be true? I hope not for your sake. :happy:


Well I would have already missed the boat b/c I joined DVC in January!


Sorry, I missed the part about the “now” until March 31, 2006! :pinch:


worth calling for more info though eh?
Let us know what it is! That sounds veeeery interesting.


Not to be skeptical, but it sounds like another sales ploy to me.

“You might be eligable if you buy.”

Hey you also might win the Lottery if you play.


I know when we were looking into DVC about a year ago there was a promo similiar to that where they gave you 150 points (thus the free vacation)in addition to your use year points…but you had to choose btwn that or the discounted points price.


You can always buy more points, Wish…


Get use to receiving all this stuff now - it’ll come on a regular basis. The offers probably are genuine - but there always seems to be some sort of catch - like you must take it within a month, or it’s limited space…


DW and I were looking at buying into the DVC. But I have heard that I you do the DVC seminar at WDW you get a $100.00 gift certificate does anyone know if this is true and if they still do it? If so I will probably just wait until we are there in May to purchase.


Maybe this would help ingamba make his decision.


hehe, I don’t think he is a shareholder. Oooo, maybe we can convince him to buy stock AND join DVC. ooO, somebody go tell him. hehe.