WOAH! Summer 2012 airfare, sticker shock


Yikes! That’s all I have to say, summer 2012 airfare prices are coming out of the gate OUTRAGEOUS!! Newark to Orlando is double what I typically pay to fly to LAX!!! Sticker SHOCK! :ohmy::blow:

This is where things get tricky, do you buy right off the bat or try to wait for it to come down? ‘They’ are predicting gas prices to only go up from now until summer, I am scared to wait if the prices could get even more insane.

Anyone else looking at summer flights?


I hate that dillemma. See what the BING search has to say on the WAIT vs Buy now advice.


I heard on the news that there is another $10-15 increase coming soon. Blech… I hate this dilemma too!
Our flights are up to $340. Last year we paid $170. Bummer…


Yes, I’ve been watching also. Our September flights are at $254 right now. Last year, I believe I paid around $190, the year before $160. I know the news keeps hyping the high gas prices, but I have no faith in the news. They are never correct, and always are in scare tatic mode, so I’m gambling and waiting a bit to see if they go down anytime soon.


$3,000 for the 5 of us to fly to MCO from LA in 5-7 hrs x 2. $500 to drive 14hrs x 2. I’ll spend an extra travel day and save the $2,500 to use in the parks. Plus we’re ones to actually use our car while at WDW.


I’m watching and waiting also… I’m going on a cruise out of Miami and the cheapest flight is $425 (that’s from Charlotte to Miami!) I’ve been waiting also, but I’m scared I’ll regret it.


Oh very interesting! Bing just told me to wait on booking! Bing says it is 80% confident that my fare to Miami will go down.

Ok… I’ll play along.


Thank goodness we are only 5 hrs by car from our house to the room at the resort if there is no line at the desk. We would only save 15 minutes by flying since all flights to Orlando go through Atlanta.


That is tough to determine…we just got decent flight prices for BDL to MCO in August…and they are direct flights. But it is a hard game to play…Last year we paid $30 less :confused: …I have been booking Disney trips for people lately because I seem to find really good deals and they cannot seem to find the deal that WOWs them. But I have been telling people airlines are a gamble…sometimes waiting is the way to go sometimes taking the jump and booking makes more sense. Also it depends on the airline…Southwest you can book and if the rate goes down for that flight you get the flight credit for another flight used in a years time (no change fees, or any fees for that matter)…Just gives you an excuse to go back to Disney…duh!!

WishUponAStar what are your dates??


on “Bing” search they will usually give you a good idea on how the fares are tracking ,also kayak will give you historical fares for your time frame,but if you are leaving from newark you do have more options depending on your flexibility,good luck


I’ve been holding off booking air for a few reasons but mainly hoping I would get a better deal. However, after seeing what kind of prices you guys are seeing I may book now. We can fly non-stop for just over $800 round trip for the three of us. I don’t know that we’re going to see that drop much lower–both our flights are $138 each way. I guess I’m still hoping to see those $99 flights we used to get.


I am sure you already know this but about 2 weeks ago the fares you see are now including taxes,fees ans airport security,so the price you see is actually the price,no add-ons


the smaller market cities have really been hit hard,us airways is supposedly big out of charlotte I believe and my experience is whatever US AIRWAYS touches they destroy


I did hear that last week, making this price look a little better since I won’t have all the taxes and other charges added on to the total. I think the charges were about $19 per person last year when we bought our airfare.


Well we ended up buying our airfare. Daniel is restricted on travel dates/times because of work so that minimizes our flexibility. I checked BING travel for Newark-Orlando and they predicted, with 71% confidence, that the prices would hold steady for our dates and suggested to buy now. I was all over Orbitz, Travelocity, BING, etc. and we just bit the bullet because for our dates it seems like the prices are not going to drop. I know gas is super expensive right now but I am just still shocked that, with taxes and fees, I just paid $387. per ticket for us to fly to Orlando. I’ve NEVER paid more than $250 and even $250 was high summer prices. I flew to LAX and Seattle for cheaper than $387. and gas prices weren’t too far off from what they are now. ugh.


WishUponAStar what are your dates??[/QUOTE]

July 6th-15th but Daniel has to work on the 6th so we need a 6pm flight or later out of Newark.


Which airline did you get the flight with out of Newark? I have been watching daily at the jetblue and continental flights for July 7th and 14th, and they have been horrible too!


I just got lucky. Southwest opened there booking window up today through November 2nd. I just paid $110.80 for our November 2nd flight down, $443.20 for the 4 of us. I hope I can get the return flight at this good of a price. I think Southwest’s prices are always good the first day they open the window.


That’s correct. Other than baggage fees, the advertised fee is the price you pay not base fee plus, which can REALLY add up!

When SWA first hit this market we had some ding fares that were as low as $49 to MCO. Add on airport fees, security fee, tax to pee before and after being on the plane and the fare nearly doubled.

Avgas and jet fuel has gone up just like auto fuel, and there is no relief in site - thank the government for banning drilling our own oil and building pipelines!


Just like everything else. Note that a lot of grocery items have doubled in the last two years. Real inflation is near 15% a year. I don’t look for any relief on airfares in the near future. The one “good” thing is the fragile economy could cause everything to go down as it tanks again later this year. :crying: