WOC live testing with Audio included from the show!


Check out this video of World of Color testing (whole show) taken from the Grand Californian, it has all of the Audio playing as the show is testing, it is simply AMAZING! Enjoy!

(scroll down just a bit once the page loads and you will see the video box)

Laughing Place Lotion: World of Color Complete Test Run, April 6, 2010 (Laughing Place Lotion) - LaughingPlace.com: Disney World, Disneyland and More


Thanks for the update Tim!!! It kind of give perspective on how high and difficult the process truly is for each fountain. I had no idea the pyro would be as great as what we witnessed on the video. Best of all, I am glad to see Chernabog in their. Obviously, I am a huge fan LOL!


We were there about a month ago and watched quite a bit of testing from the Villas viewing area. They weren’t playing the sound track but it still was amazing to watch. You don’t realize how big this show will be until you see some of the testing in person. It takes up the entire lagoon. We will be going back in September. Hopefully we will be able to see it both from the Villas viewing area and from the new park.


I would love to see this in person… maybe someday!


I found out this show that was recorded was being played for CEO Bob Iger and President of Parks and Resorts Tom Saggs that night, which is why the whole show played with audio and all. And yea, its some pretty big stuff, oh and the park isn’t new :tongue:


Sorry, didn’t mean CA was new just the viewing area to the North of the lagoon which they have updated. Supposedly they are taking down the blue walls this week.:happy:


Oh haha, gotchya :pinch: (I feel dumb now!) And yea, the walls were supposed to have been coming down today around Paradise Park, Ill have to ask a few friends who work at DLR to get an update on everything.


I hope they do!!! I am so stoked!!! My sis and I will be venturing out there Thursday.