WOC platform lowered


Just thought it was interesting, one of the things Disney wanted to do is keep the platform submerged until showtime. I am assuming during the day the entire platform will not be above water, and I didn’t believe that it help any, but it is barely visible, I am impressed. :slight_smile: Enjoy!!!
By the way, I did not take these pictures, this is just a link to another forum message board.

Pictures WOC - Platfrom SUBMERGED - 4.23.10 - NICE - MiceChat


Thanks- that was great to see!

I’m still torn about whether or not I’m going to go see the show in June.

A: It’s supposed to be awesome, but…

B: It’s going to be soooooo crowded… is it worth precious baby-free time?

Ah, the quandary… :laugh:


I think it will be crowded the entire Summer. I believe to not see it crowded, you will have to come in the fall, Early Fall.


Well, for me it’s a question of putting it off until next year!