WOC Ticket system


There is a rumor going on the WoC ticket system is going to be at the Grizzly River Run. I know that it was stated that the ticket system would be in It’s Tough to be a Bug Fastpass center. I just want to know if the rumor is true.


As of now, the rumor is true. Disney decided to move the ticketing system for a few reasons: The Grizzly Fast Pass Machines are closer to the Paradise Pier viewing area and thus would cause a bit less confusion for guests when retrieving the WoC tickets, secondly, the machines are closer to the Grand Californian, also making it easier for hotel guests to get their tickets as well if they don’t end up getting tickets for the show for being hotel guests. I’m not sure how this will all pan out because Grizzly uses its Fast Pass system for the attraction daily, so I haven’t heard what Disney’s plans are regarding Grizzly’s FP Ticketing, whether it will be diminished completely or moved or more machines will be added, but as of now this is only a temporary location for this summer as the company looks at how the new ticketing system works, next summer a more permanent location should be set up.

Or so I read and was told.


I am kind of glad. At least I know the location of this ticketing system. In regard to where it be placed, the only thing I can think of is if the split the machines.


They could do that, it would cause long wait lines however, which is why I am guessing Disney opted to not go that way, there are about/less than 10 FP machines for Grizzly if I recall correctly, so say 5 FP machines being used for WoC for 9,000 guests at 2 shows, equaling 18,000 some odd guests needing tickets, that would cause long lines and little bit of chaos, so opting for no FP machines for Grizzly will probably be a better decision, and for all I know Disney could be installing temporary FP machines for Grizzly else where, guess we will have to wait and see.


I guess that is true. Moving Grizzly River Run Fast Pass center for a little while would make a little more sense. My guess, especially the first couple of months maybe even the first year, it will be crazy. Do you know if it would show all week long? Or would it be a friday weekend thing like the firework shows?


Well as with all spring/summer/peak season events, Its going to be showing 7 nights a week during the summer and most likely through the end of the year, at 2-3 shows a day, right now its planned for 2 shows a day, the first showing at 9:00pm and the 2nd showing at 10:15pm, right after the park closes. TDA has it planned out to have everyone meet in a certain meeting spot an hour prior to the show, your ticket will be your spot in line, and then near the time of the show everyone will be walked to the viewing plaza, this helps eliminate the problem of people camping out hours before the show and will eliminate the problem of people seeing the show twice, like everyone does at DL with Fantasmic!, that way everyone has a fair chance at seeing the show. And I was told all Paradise Pier attractions will close one hour prior to the show starting, that way it will help set the right mood and have it quiet for the show.


Hey there…any update on the location of the FP machines for WOC, and are they still planning on using the FP machines to distribute tickets for the show each night? Just want to be all prepared for our trip in August…can NOT wait!!!


As of now Management still plans to use the FP Machines over at Grizzly River Rapids to distribute the WoC Tickets. You can also ask any CM when you go just to be sure.