Wolf Gang Puck Express removed from DDP?


I was looking at the 2012 DDP restaurant list and WGP express is not listed anymore. The only 2 DTD locations listed are Cap’n Jacks and Disney Quest. THAT STINKS!! Can somebody look at it also just to be sure I didn’t miss it? I love that place.


Hold on until we get into December.
That has been traditionally the time that most of the other DTD restaurants (as well as many World Showcase restaurants) pull the sticks out of that painful smelly place, and sign back up.
It’s the annual dance of silliness.


Yes, I was thinking it was too early to see next years participants also. Seems like the DTD restaurants are always the last to sign.


Oh good! Thank you for giving me a sigh of relief. I would have still went anyway because I like it so much. It is definetly the best bang for the buck on the DDP QS list.


I second that! I love Wolf Gang Puck Express… we always eat there at least once every trip on the DDP.


Amen. As a real estate agent, I cannot understand why Disney allows resturants on their property the choice. It’s a simple as putting in the their lease.


I second that!