Wolfgang Puck Cafe no longer participating?


I’m hearing rumors that the Wolfgang Puck Cafe is no longer going to be participating in the Dining Plan program. I’ve tried doing an online search, but can’t find anything to confirm.

Has anyone else heard this? And if so, as of when? We have ADRs for May. I hope it’s not true–I was really looking forward to trying it (and not having to pay any additional $$).


I read that on all ears today. Do you need a link?


That’s okay–I frequent that site. Thanks–I’ll take a look!!


Yep, they e mailed me this morning and said that Wolfgang Pucks is no longer participating. I wonder why? I doubt they are losing $$…


Well,if Disney pays them the value of the check,I can’t see why they wouldn’t participate. Maybe the places that are not Disney-owned only get a percentage of the cost of the dining plan.


Wait wait, can someone please clarify. Does this JUST apply to the SIT-DOWN/TABLE SERVICE Wolf Gang Puck’s in DTD? OR, are they saying the counter service cafes aren’t participating either?!?!?!?! Please say it ain’t so! :noo:


WPC is no longer participating in the Disney Dining Experience, the card you buy to get 20% off your meals, not the DP. As far as I know they are still in the DP.


Oh,that’s different. Since I never had any great interest in the place,it’s no big loss at all to me.


I agree, I hope it does not apply to the DP and the counter service! :pinch:


You can still get 10% discounts at the Levy managed restaraunts. That is Fulton’s, Portobello, and now Wolfgang Puck’s (upstairs). The counter service Pucks could still be on plan.