Wolfgang Puck is displeased with WPC


Was just reading the Orlando Sentinel online, and the Scott Joseph (the food review) and he mentioned that Wolfgang visited the restaurant at WDW and was displeased with the quality. He threatened to have them remove his name from it. However it was decided that he will work with the cooks to improve the quality.

It is in the Chowhound section of the Entertainment section (under restaurants)

He also had a blurb above Wave at the Contemporary, not much new information there, though


Can you post a link here to the article, please?


You can’t blame him. If his name is on it… he will want perfection!

I have not eaten there personally… is the food good? Anyone?


While not as good as when it first opened, I thought it has been decent.

Here is the link. Look down in the “Other Stuff” On Fridays he writes this column, an informal restaurant review and then tags on misc. restaurant happenings in Orlando.


it has been since jan 2005 since we ate there, but it was good then. We are planning to eat there again in sept - so that means it’ll be super good then, since he is working with them to improve. that’s cool!

thanks for the info!


Hmmm… I don’t know, but if my name were on a restaurant, I am pretty sure I’d be sampling the goods often enough to know if it is up to par. It sounds like he was sort of letting the place go on autopilot?


i was thinking the same thing. If you’re worried about your name being sullied because of poor quality or service, make more trips to your restuarant. I’m sure it’s the same deal with Emeril’s restuarants. Constant monitoring of his places to make sure things are up to his standards.


Can’t blame him - he has his reputation to think of.

Personally, I really like the WP Express better than the restaurant. We weren’t thrilled with the restaurant. The food was ok, but we had the most pretentious little git of a server :glare: - we left not wanting to come back.


In 1999 we wanted to grab something on our arrival day at WP Express (I think that’s what it’s called) It looked so dirty in there and the food looked so awful, we walked right out of there. We haven’t been back since. But, we made ADRs at WP Cafe. I sure hope, with all that I have read about it here, that it is good.
I’d hate to sit at my table and :crying::pinch:


oops - i just re-read that 1st post. he’s upset with the cafe - not express, huh? ok, I haven’t been to the cafe - the menu did look good tho. we put it on our list for next trip.


Interesting. I thought the food was just okay there when we ate there last year. But they do have a really big and varied menu which is nice and good for finding something for everyone.


Oops below is the link.

At the time that WPC opened, it was owned and operated by the Wolfgang’s Corporate group. At the time he had three “divisions” (more or less) to operate the restaurants. One handled his fine dining restaurants like the Spagos and some of his other concepts. Another took care the Cafe’s (like the downstairs sitdown restaurant at WDW and I think the Express’. When he opened at WDW it was a unique set-up, with all three colocated. The original plan was to make the upstairs a fine-dining concept like Spago’s but not called Spago’s with its own name besides the “The Upstairs”. It never truely came about.

Several years ago Wolfgang decided to no longer to have the Cafe concept and either shutdown the entire division or sold it. Because of the entanglement at Downtown Disney it was decided to sell the whole Wolfgang complex their to Levy Restaurant group which was already running Portobello Yacht Club and Fulton’s.

The fish is mightier than the motorcycle at this restaurant – OrlandoSentinel.com


We have eaten at both the Express and the Cafe several times and as recent as 6 months ago. We loved the food at both! The only somewhat negative thing I could mention would be that a couple of the appetizers we ordered were rather average and not impressive enough to order again. Our entrees, sushi and dessert were all great at the Cafe and the Express has always been excellent. No complaints here!:happy:


What’s even funnier is that while Wolfgang Puck themselves were operating it, the reviews got worse and worse until Levy took over. Once Levy took over, it turned around. Now, Wolfgang comes and doesn’t like it? Why did it take so long? Why did he let it go downhill when he actually owned it?
WPExpress still looks less than fresh and crisp. It looks worn and dirty and in need of a gutting.


We just ate at the resturant back on July 17, the food was really good, our server was great, it was clean, nice view, etc, etc . . . guess we either caught it on a good night or someone did step in?

PS. Expensive though good thing we were on the DDP!


We ate there last September, it was on par with California Grill.