Woman sells baby to pay for Disney trip


You just cant make this stuff up. Sheesh!

Woman Charged With Selling Baby for $15K - ABC News


We’re all so proud here in the First State …


Wow. That’s what adoption agencies are for. :sad:


I thought babies were the reason to go to wdw…What is wrong with people?

Ok, don’t answer that.


The saddest part of this: the baby was born addicted to drugs. What an uphill life.


“The child is currently in foster care. Wismer was released on $1,500 bond and Gavaghan was released on $7,000 bond and ordered to have no contact with the victim.”

This is getting more and more confusing. First, by reading the above news paragraph, are they saying the Mother who sold the baby (Wismer) is the victim??? Or, is the baby the victim. Also, why is the Mom’s bond much smaller than the Buyer’s bond? Why would a man want the baby. Nothing against men, but isn’t it usually a couple who can’t have babies who usually will go to lengths to get one? I’m wondering if he had intentions to sell the baby to other couples at a higher price. Who knows, but that’s what popped into my head.


Poor little thing. What a rough start to life. What a world!


llama llama. :slight_smile: (Oh yes, I did it.)


I’ve got a 33 year old looking for a job.
Living back home is not working, any takers?


Holy cow! I am all about “helping” gay couples adopt, but selling your child is just disgusting…