Woman tries to bring loaded handgun into WDW


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) – A 63 year old woman from Pennsylvania was arrested on Sunday after attempting to enter Walt Disney World with a loaded handgun. Walt Disney World security personnel discovered a silver color, Beretta .32 caliber semi-automatic handgun during a routine safety check as the woman was attempting to enter the park with other family members.

The woman, identified as Mary Ann Richardson of Nickelson, Pennsylvania, stated that she traveled with the handgun and had forgotten she was carrying it in her purse. Walt Disney World Security notified The Orange County Sheriff’s Office which sent deputies to recover the gun. It was in was loaded with seven live rounds in the magazine; the chamber however was empty.

Inside her purse the woman also had a pair of scissors and a locked blade knife. Orange County deputies took the woman into custody and charged her with possession of a concealed weapon. The incident remains under investigation.

Stringent, zero-tolerance, security measures have been in place at all Central Florida theme parks since September 11, 2001.


Oy vay.
She forgot she had a loaded weapon in her purse and a blade knife! I know the strollers in Fantasyland can get out of control…but seriously…no need for guns people!


I just wonder how many people actually get IN with some kind of weapon. The bag check usually isn’t very thorough.


Holy cow!

i’m glad she didn’t get in with those or-or I hate to think what would’ve happened! but you’ve gotta laugh, can you see an old lady shooting people?..oh dear!


Posted this earlier…stunning what people might be packing for the parks.



You know I always thought the bag check wasn’t very thorough, but maybe it is actually more thorough than we thought. I hope so anyways.

Thank goodness for good security!

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It depends on what you consider a weapon. My DH always wears a multi-tool on his belt. There have been a couple of time he has forgotten to take it off his belt. He has never been stopped. A multi-tool has saws, scissors, screw driver, and knife on it. Certainly weapons, but in the case it is in, it is inconspicuous.


OK… I here by promise to NEVER again complain about having to stand in line during the security checks. I always say… who is going to try to bring a “weapon” into the parks for crying out loud. Complain no more… search away!


Ditto! We’ve made those exact comments to each other, too. Thank God for security checks . . . no matter how long they take. :blink:


I am truly in shock! :ohmy:


Daisee and smee, I agree with you both!


Wow, thats crazy… people are crazy. Makes me glad for the security checks too!


This will be me at some point in my life. :laugh: I carry a 3 1/4" switchblade at all times. I’m also licensed to carry a concealed firearm.

It’s very easy to forget that you’re carrying anything, especially when they’re a part of your everyday life. I’ve done it plenty of times - at one point, nearly carrying 2 switchblades into a courthouse before I remembered them at the door.

I think it’s entirely possible she just plain forgot. But bravo to the security people. I always thought some 70 yr old probably half blind and deaf guy shoving 2 wooden sticks into my backpack was a waste of time. Who knew it actually worked sometimes…


I can understand forgetting that you were carrying something like that while traveling…but at the same time, when you got prepared to go to the parks in the morning, how on earth could you NOT realize you had a loaded gun with you?! :eek: Wow. Maybe I’m just a bare-minimalist packer when I head to the parks, but I think I would notice something like that. :laugh:


Most Six Flags parks and Paramount parks have metal detectors all guests must pass through, even if you don’t have a bag. On Halloween Horror Nights Universal wands all guests.
“Gee, I forgot I had the gun”? Did she even have a license to carry the thing?


good grief… I don’t even own a gun. I barely own a butter knife!


The concealed weapon laws can be extremely confusing. Depending on what state you reside, visit, work in, etc. Now it will be up to Florida laws to determine just how guilty she is of an actual crime.

Bottom line… IMO… no guns/weapons needed in Disney!


She was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, so my guess is she did not have a license.


I’m not trying to defend this woman at all - maybe she did have bad intentions. But I’ve done very similar things over the years, with NO ill will, so I’m right there with the “completely forgot” factor. But it is very easy to forget, especially if the gun/knives are in the “hidden pocket” of a handbag or something. Heck I forgot a 3" knife that was IN my jeans pocket when I stopped by the courthouse. It’s there everyday, so I didn’t even think twice. :laugh:

The scissors and locked blade knife can be easily written off, depending on more detail. I’m assuming “locked blade” means that’s it’s not like switchblade that pops out. She could’ve brought apples for a child and brought a small paring knife to cut it up. I know people that have done that - wrapped it in a bag and put it in the cooler. Scissors - cutting a loose string in the morning, while in a rush, she lays the scissors (possibly mini-scissors? eyebrow scissors? no specification) on the bed and they get mixed in with other goods. But they’re in such a hurry to leave, she grabs everything in a pile without thinking and puts it into her bag.

It’s one of those situations where more information is needed.


I don’t know, I don’t want to get in on a debate but THANK GOD they caught it. i’m sorry but in my opinion no matter what ANYBODY says, even if she had an excuse and was properly licensed I don’t trust any civilian in a crowded area with a LOADED gun.