Woman's logic? what was i thinking


i’m no good at these but i’ll give the highlights since i take pleasure in reading about other’s adventures, misfortunes, and good times…

wednesday dec 8.
got on plane. got off plane. got on ME bus. arrived at resort.(right off the bat i need to explain the title. the RESORT turned out to be pop century. now, mind you, i don’t have any problems with the values, but this trip was supposed to be at WL. i left the planning to my wife(her first time planning a disney trip). so, she plans out the trip, tells me the itinerary and i freak out about the resort because i specifically told her to book us at WL. her retort, “joey, i booked us at a value so i could save the money for something special that i think you will really like. something that both of us will enjoy for a long time.” the difference was over $2000 in final price so i think this better be one heck of a dang surpise. well, while on the trip, she informs me that our new TREADMILL will arrive on the day we get home. a TREADMILL, are you freaking kidding me?!? you spent over $2000 on a treadmill???, and by the way, how does this in any way, shape or form benefit ME??? can anyone guess her answer??

she tells me, “i will be able to stay fit, sexy and beautiful for you…” <me> heavy sigh, “but baby, you were already so beautiful to me, you didn’t need to buy a treadmill, REALLY, you didn’t need to by a treadmill.”

i’ll continue later but the logic is, undeniably of a double x origin.


When I get silly logic from Pam she hears my old standard reply… “Women, can’t live with them, can’t leave them by the side of the street alone”.

…(This is where the 30 seconds of silence gets inserted) …

And then the beating begins!!! :laugh:
Dang, can she hit hard. I guess it’s all the practice she has had so it is true that practice does make perfect. And silly me has given her too many opportunities to practice.

Just soak it in as one of the joys of wedded bliss. After all, we ARE there pawns to experiment on as they please.


:laugh: oh boy, this is quite the surprise. I hope you enjoyed the heck out of staying at POP


OMG!!! Really… that sucks… hope you had a great time and just think you have a wonderful excuse to plan another trip sooner rather than later. I would be like “I was promised a trip to WL and I’m fix’n to get a trip to WL”. LOL


Oh. Oh, goodness. Well, that would certainly not be my style. Hope you had fun!


Our $200.00 treadmill does a great job. Of course 99.9% of the time it’s job is to become a catch-all for the kid’s junk. :laugh:


Book a trip at the WL marathon weekend and tell her she better get crackin’ on that treadmill lol!


:eek: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Wow… what a suprise!


you are pretty close to it. she’s a marathon runner, so the disney marathon is on the list. she’s just apprehensive about running a marathon in the winter. she’s asthmatic so if it’s cold it will be a less than enjoyable time. ---- well, for her it will be, i’ll have fun regardless. the whole point of my wanting to stay at WL was the christmas theme there is incredible so if we stay at any other time it will likely be a different resort. oh, here’s a tid bit. my wife says she really wants to stay at the YC for the next trip. that logic kicking in.

after checking into the room. we go to AK. ride dinosaur. five year old daughter kinda not sure about it, but afterwards decided it was fun. ate at the bbq joint right in front of dino land.(best food on the trip imo)
tried to meet up with the family of my daughter’s school friend but couldn’t get the timing right.
left for magic kingdom. go on dumbo. get on carousel and wait ten minutes and get off because ride broke down. go to ferry. take ferry to… WILDERNESS LODGE! for ressies at ARTIST POINT!! yes, my frugal wife, starts our dining off at WL, where i wanted to stay, eating at arguably one of disneys most expensive menus. more of that logic. it was actually a very nice environment, but towards the end of the meal i’m thinking, and stating, how nice it would be to just be able to retreat to our room. instead, we finish up, get on bus one to downtown disney, and then get on bus two to POP. totally exhausted, standing up holding my sleeping daughter all the way back to the resort because there are no seats available on the bus, and surprise surprise, no one offers the parent holding a sleeping child a seat. my wife looks at me and apoligizes for the booking… all i can tell her is that she doesn’t have to worry about booking any more disney vacations. in all honesty, when i’m in disney, i’m happy no matter what so it’s not all that bad. i just had fun making my wife feel bad about the situation, as much as possible, so that i could build up points… she doesn’t read this site so i can tell ya’ll that… i’ll try to put up some pics later.


oh, we’ve had one like that. my mother who used to be a QVC crack addict, bought one that she never used. my wife ran the belt off of it. it lasted less than a week.

this new one will hopefully last at least 10 times longer. haha… i also get the joy of hauling it up to the workout room(it weights over 400 lbs) and i get to assemble as well.:crying: this thing is supposed to connect to our wireless internet and she’s then supposed to be able to tie it into google earth so she can program it to run anywhere in the world. it’s supposed to follow the topographical contors of a selected trail. if i can get this thing to work, i’m putting this on my resume in case i need future employment as a nasa engineer.


Well, that means that there will have to be a makeup trip planned… at the right resort…

Whether you are at the marathon or not…


If you do get it all connected you could always apply to work on the animatronics at WDW. :laugh:


I guess you both win in the end, she got the treadmill she wanted and you keep a sexy wife and maybe won’t have to get another treadmill for a long time and that is great for the wallet.:happy:


omg…that is to funny. I would have demanded an upgrade LOL


first pic. finishing up some loose ends on the plane ride over

second pic. these girls can travel.

that morning we wake up tori and tell her, “you don’t have to go to school today. can you think of somewhere you would like to go?”

she says, “boucoup bounce”. it’s an indoor play ground.

wife says, “what about we go on a plane”

tori says sheepishly,“we can go to disney world.”

we say, “let’s go to disney world !!!”

tori says, “can we go to boucoup bounce after?”

we say, “:blink:”


i called about a month before the trip to do that very thing. it was eating me up and i was going to upgrade us and surprise my wife. well, there were no rooms available at WL. all they had CB resort available and the price had gone up even more, so i wasn’t going to upgrade to CB for the same price as what we could have originally booked WL.


Holy smokes, that’s amazing. Oh the things they can do these days :ohmy:



first pic: getting off of triceritops
second pic: the stretchy room in haunted mansion
thrid pic: waiting on a broke down carousel…


day two:
went to epcot early.
rode nemo, did turtle talk, and the land ride.
jumped on monorail to TA.
get on ferry to MK.
meet up with daughter’s friend and family. it was so cool to see them together.
we hung out as a group as much as we could for the next two days and the two girls were so excited to share their adventures together.
we all rode dumbo, haunted mansion, and carousel.
my family had ressies at the plaza so we went off on our way. now, the plaza is nice BUT i was quite surprised that it was considered table service for a sandwich fries and dessert at lunch time. oh well, left again with my wife apologizing for not doing better with the bookings. really, it’s not that i mind where we eat but since we are on the dining plan, she should have looked into what the restaurant fares were considered.

from there we met up with her friend at frontier land and go on big thunder and splash mountain. what a hoot since it was a lot of first timers. the two girls were apprehensive about the rollercoaster and they fed off of each others courage. during the ride, they looked a little skittish, but afterwards, smiles and laughs abound. i was worried tori would not get on any coaster, well, soon i would find out my worries would be, how do i get her off of the coasters. splash mountain was a hoot as well, lot’s of wet in the 50 degree temps which was managable, but still cold to our southern bones.


dancing in the bus line waiting to go to epcot