Wonderful Vacation TR


Ok buzzers, be paitient the TR is coming!!! Just wanted to let you know that we are home safe and had a very happy trip. I have some pictures to download and then I will begin filling you all in on our fabulous trip. I think I have even convinced DH that we need to go back next year. Be back shortly to give you all your fill of WDW!


Welcome home!!! Can’t wait for your TR.


Oh yeah, I am happy!!! Another TR finally. Hope you had fun.


Sorry to hear your trip is over, but there is always another one in the future. Can’t wait to see ur pictures…


Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear all about it.


You know its a good trip when you come home wanting to go again! Yeah, bring it on…we’re ready…


Welcome home. Looking forward to your TR.


The saddest walk in DW is the one from the room to the lobby at checkout…lol…looking forward to the TR.


Alrighty buzzers… I am now unpacked and pictures are downloaded. Time to start the TR!

We flew out of Providence (PVD) on Thursday the 16th at 6:30 am. I went online 24 hours in advance to check in myself, DH, and DD14. I was able to check in me and DH but it would not allow me to check in DD14. We have A boarding so I am hoping when we get to the airport we can have her board A also. Wednesday was a flurry of last minute packing, and cleaning. We wake up at 2:30 on departure day. We are all set and ready to go by around 3:15. Short drive to Providence took around 20 min. Unfortunatly, Southwest’s ticket counter doesn’t open until 5. So we have to wait. We chalk it up to Disney practice lol. When we finally get to check DD14 in, we find out why we couldn’t check her in online. She was on “the list”. We get it all straitened out, and the nice people at Southwest let her board with us in A, even though she is now listed as a C. The flight was uneventful, thankfully. We even arrived 15 minutes early in Orlando. DD14 was very confused as to why we didn’t need to go to baggage to pick our our luggage. I told her it was “disney magic”. We got a bit turned around in MCO but finally found the Magical Express checkin. We were a bit dismayed to see all the long lines of school groups and was hoping that they were not going to the same resort as us. When we were finally able to board our magical express and found out that we were surrounded by school groups. However our disappointment was quickly relieved to realize that after we stopped at All Star Music we were the only ones left on the bus going to All Star Movies! There was not a long line at check in, unfortunatly our room was not ready yet. No problem let’s check our luggage and hit the parks. A nice CM stopped us on our way to the luggage, and asked us if we would do a survey. We had to keep a expense journal, and when I send it in, I will recieve a $25 gift card. Cool it will help me with my trip report!


We walked around the resort a bit to get our bearing and and scope out the scene. Took some pics. We are big on theme pics and goofy pics so you wall may get a laugh or two out of our pics lol.


More from All Star Movies…


Ok now time to hit MK! After a short bus ride, we finally enter the park around noon. We have 2 prioritys today. 1-Space moutain, 2-food!!! So we rush right to tomorrowland. SM has a 90 min wait!, so we fast pass it, but our time isn’t until 5:30. So we decide to find some food and fast. We are famished! We hit cosmic rays because it is close by. Food was so so, but our cashier was from our hometown, which was kinda cool. After food it is the Carosel of Progress, which is a must do for us. I know it is corny and out dated but we like it… “its a great big beautiful tomorrow”… then comes the people mover (I’m sorry the TTA). Nice way to start the trip and see the crowd level (HIGH). From here, we headed over to Fantasyland. We scoped out the Teacups, but the wait was too long for our first day in Disney. But PhilharMagic had a 5 min wait to we headed in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show it is my favorite 3D show in all of WDW. There was a show going on at the Castle so we stoped briefly, but we all knew that was the time to try to get on rides! So we headed off to PoC. No wait! This was our first time since the refurb. It was cool! When we came out, Peter Pan was waiting to meet us lol. Peter quickly became my daughters favorite character and we spent the entire trip looking for his pins so she could pin trade! It is now around 4pm and we are soooooo beat. We head over to Liberty Square because we have a 5:35 ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern. We were hoping to have it moved to later so that we can go back and unpack and relax a bit. No such luck! So we go on Haunted Mansion 5 min wait! We realize that we will never have the energy to make it back to tomorrow land for our SM fast passes. So we wait and find a nice family of 3 that was very grateful for the fast passes! Time to eat. Our waiter was not so great. He was slow, not only with our table but with all of his tables. We could see everyone was frustrated. He never asked us if we wanted more food, even though it was quickly devoured. It was just not a great expierence. I don’t think we will be going back there without characters present. After dinner we headed to our room. We had a towel Mickey awaiting us! It was nice to unpack and veg out a bit after a long day.

Day 2 will be coming later… I hate when real life gets in the way of MB




Great start to the TR. Can’t wait for more.Loving the pictures keep them coming


Love your TR so far. Mickey’s Philharmagic is my favorite also. I could see it over and over.


Love the TR and pictures! ASMovies is my fav resort because we have so many wonderful memories there of when the kids were real little. Can’t wait for more.


Thanks for posting pics for ASMovies… we are going in June and I was worried about staying their! It looks cool! PeterPan also ROCKS! ;).


Day 2…

We decided to start our day in EPCOT today. We really wanted to do Soarin and Test Track, as we had never done either of these before. We were there for rope drop with a zillion (ok maybe not a zillion, maybe just a million lol) other people. The crowd level was extreamly high at the begining of our trip. So as soon as the rope drops, we are off. I never know how difficult it was to get to Soarin lol. The wait time is 20 min. when we get there, and the fast pass line is very long also. We decide to wait it out. It wasn’t a bad line and it moved very quickly. The ride was amazing. I admit I lifted my feet when it came to being over the ocean lol. Right from here we headed to Test Track. The wait was already at 60 min so we chose instead to get fast passes. DH got his Key to the World stuck in the machine and we held up the line, as a CM had to open it up for him. We did Spaceship Earth while we waited, only a 10 min wait. Once we were on the ride for around 2 min, the ride stopped. We were stuck!!! They got us moving in about 5 min, but this became a theme for our trip as you will later see. From here we headed into Innovations so we could sign up for Kim Possible. We still had a bit for our fast passes, so we went into the coca-cola place and tried the sodas from around the world. Some were very yucky and others were just ok. I guess I will stick to my normal Diet Coke, thank you very much.


It was finally time to ride Test Track. Boy was I glad we had fast passes, the line was sooooo long. It was really awesome. DD14 was holding on for dear life, it was so funny. Definitely a thumbs up in our book. Now we were rushing off to Italy to pick up our Kimmunicator. DD14 was a big KP fan a few years back, so we thought it would be kind of cool to try out. They sent us to Germany for our mission. It is a cute concept, but definitely geared toward younger children. The drawback was that there were a ton of other people on the same mission. We had to keep hanging back so not to hear what that were doing. I was glad we did it once, just to say we did, but I wouldn’t do it again. Now we were starving, we headed to the American pavillion for lunch. Then we were beat, so we headed back to the resort for a mid-afternoon break.


Some EPCOT pics