Woo hoo


Just got my magical express passes in the mail today. So excited!


Oh so excited for you- its almost here!!! yay!


You’re almost at the 1 month mark! It’ll be here before you know it!!


Yay!!! You must be bursting with excitement!


Oh yeah I’m so excited!


Getting closer


I’m right there with you! I received mine yesterday, with ## days to go. This is when the vacation starts to seem REALLY imminent. Now I can’t wait to get my packet!


Do the kids know the date yet? Mine would see those and want to look at them.


congrats… it is a feeling isnt it… kind of like Christmas


Oh that wonderful feeling of anticipation!:happy:


Not yet. We didn’t let then look inside the ME booklet.
We told them we are going around halloween but it’s a month before. Hee hee


My park tickets have been shipped from undercover tourist I am a tiny bit nervous since I have never used them but super excited for them to arrive Woo Hoo!!! I can’t believe this is happening!!!


Don’t be nervous at all. I’ve used UT many times. They are wonderful to deal with. Keep a look out for an approximately 5x7 mustard colored envelope. They don’t label who they are from to help eliminate stealing. Once you get to your resort and check in, go to Guest Services line and they will be able to add your tickets to your room key card if that’s more convenient for you. Have a great time!!!


YAY!!! Mine should be coming soon too. I LOVE getting them in the mail. I agree with Beth about UT. We too have used them many time (before DVC and APs) They have always been great to work with and I have never had a problem with them. The staff at your resort should be able to put your tickets on your keys to the world so you don’t have to deal with a line at guest services at the parks (unless this has changed?).


Just got my 10 day passes with water and fun!!! Getting closer! This is really happening!!!


have a great time…just think by the time your trip is over the red sox will be beating the yanks for AL tittle


Woo Hoo! I can’t believe this is realy happening! 6 LONG years planning and wishing and hoping it would be my turn. Now it IS my turn!!! Can’t wait to share my trip, photos and videos.


We can’t either!!! Have fun- you will love it even more!


Undercover tourist is awesome! We used them this year a day before the price increase occurred and we got them in the mail 4 days before we left. They were great, we got to BLT and asked the concierge to merge them with our keys to the world. Not a single issue and took about 5 minutes. I will use them over and over!


I love the idea to add them to our room key. I am gonna do that too