No longer needed.


Hows that real estate going in Florida. I’m assuming it was a great deal?


Oh that’s wonderful, how lucky are you? sooooo jealous!!


Let’s just say that the price we got it at was 1/2 of what is was 2 years ago. It was too good of a deal to pass up. We saw deals like that all over, homes, condos, etc.


We’re in Illinois and when we retire, dh wants to move up North in Michigan (more snow!!!). I keep telling him the only way I could agree to that is if we become snowbirds, Spring, Summer and Fall in Michigan and Winter in Florida. I keep thinking now would be the good time to be looking for residence in Florida, and then use it as an investment property until we are ready to retire. Your thread just put a spark in me to start looking (and pour more miracle grow on the money tree!).