Woohoo's SuperUberMegaOmg Trip Report


I will be starting this very soon… photobucket is down though so Im having photo issues…


ah start it without pictures then add pictures lol we want trip report lol




That’s a great idea.:happy:


Ok so here it goes-
you all know by now how it went down…
I screamed at the kids to get off the bus- more than once- Nicky sobbed, Em was in shock and once the little guys had their lanyards they were back watching tv…

Then we went to the airport.

Ed dropped the luggage and the kids and myself off and went to the valet to park the car- I checked all the bags and then met him at the gate to get on the plane. We did our traditional meal at McDonalds while waiting for the plane and then we boarded.

I had checked in at the crack of 24 hours and still ended up at the tail end of section A but we still boarded before the other families that waited for preboard. I had given the boys some benadryl to ease the allergies and stuffy ears before we boarded and it knocked Drake out (he he he- and Ed insisted that he got Parker and not Drake) Parker on the other hand responds like I do and was WIRED!!! LOL- he talkd and talked and talked and talked and did not shut up the entire trip…he he he

We landed with no issues and were so good at the whole ME thing that we ran across the airport with excitement and hopped on to our bus. The kids were all still in shock and they were being so cute that I was hopefull for a great trip.


Another Dorkman TR. YAY!!!


Yay! I am so excited. Loving the TR already!


I forgot to tell you this in the other thread but I showed that video to Dave and he almost cried because of Nicky. That was really priceless!!


yeah it has started!


We arrived after like 5 different stops to POR and I checked us in. We were in Aligator bayou 18 and the room was just fine. I went to the concierge to get my DDE card (which apparently they dont do there…) and found out that I had to go to Downtown disney. Ed was starving and so were the kids so I went and got us a table at Boatwrights. I had never even thought to eat there before, I had seen iffy reviews and was not really sure that I wanted to waste the money as we were trying to keep things cheap this trip. But we were wanting something good so we tried it. I have to say that it was absolutely fantastic- Im picky too!!! I had the pasta with the cheese and the greens and it was light and tasty… Ed had his own meal of jambalya. The kids ate all that they ordered. It was another great start. I was however frustrated that it was $95 and that 20% would have been great- so we went to Down Town Disney to get our annual passes and the DDE card-

I told the guy that I was frustrated that I thought we could get them at the resort and was already $20 down from the meal we had just eaten. He suggested I ask the manager of the resort if they would credit it and that it was up to the discression of the manager…well you guessed it! I went and asked and it was taken care of! WooHoo!!
We went and changed into our suits and then hit the pool.

About two hours later we were met with our friends that were coming to meet us there- Like this board I belong to one that was during my pregnancy with Drakey. I had been talking with her for 3 years and this was very exciting for me. We sat around drinking white russians and our families were getting along great. We had arranged adjoining rooms so when we returned her kids hung out with mine and we adults sat down and had drinks on the front step of our resort. It was psudo trashy cheap and fun, at least we had classy drinks to drink LOL!!


ALRIGHT! WooHoo trip report… keep it coming girl friend…


Great start. Now like I said before I need to be sleepig by 6 tonight so keep it coming!!


The next morning we had ressies for breakfast with Lilo and Stitch . My friend had joined the trip late in the game so we had not been able to add them to our reservation. My friend had bought us all matching dorkman shirts though. We then distributed shirts, redistributed the ones that were wrong or did not fit and then we had coffee together. After a cup or two of java(that she had brought fresh ground coffee and her own pot) we parted ways for the rest of the morning. I took my dorkmans in bright yellow mickey shirts and we headed to the Poly.

I had them do the great family pic and it was priceless… one of the best ever- I will have to scan it. We sat down and as soon as we did the fun began. They did a parade with the kids as soon as we got there. We had tons of food and Parker who is my resident bacon eater went nuts over the pile of bacon in front of him.

The eggs were buttery and creamy and wonderfull and the meal was amazing. The different characters were coming and posing and Mickey took the time not only to sit with each of the kids but he also signed Emily’s cast.

Just as we were finishing up the last of the second helping we were attacked by the killer flowers… Stitch had gotten his hands on the big box of leighs and they were being chucked at us bundle by bundle… the kids were lauging so hard and we were now covered in syrup scented flowers. It was a wonderfull time! As we headed out we decided that we would hand out our piles of flowers to whatever other dorkmans we ran into that day…


I can’t wait to see the pictures!! You’re off to such a great start!


What a fun beginning to your trip! Good food… yummy drinks… refunded money… happy kids… It doesn’t get any better than that!!!


sounds exciting


Great TR so far . . . we’ve eaten at the Lilo and Stitch breakfast, but have yet to be “attacked” by Stitch . . . sounds fun . . . can’t wait to see your pictures!! :happy:


So flowers in hand we started handing out loads of flowers to anyone we saw wearing matching shirts- the cutest was the older couple in hand made shirts that were so thrilled that we gave them our own little “dream”

We decided to spend the rest of the day in Magic Kingdom. Just as we got there our friends arrived as well and we were one big bunch of yellow dorkmans. We took them in and the chaos began. Imagine this… I have Ed, myself and my 4 kids ages 12,10,4 and two. She has her husband Carl, herself and her 5 kids ages 14,9,2,1 and 3 mos. Her older two wanted to go off on their own and her 2 year old was hot and would not sit in the stroller. Her 1 year old was well into her terrible twos and was just miserable and the baby was sweating really bad. We tried to go all together but the kids were not helping any. I made a VERY big decision and one that scared the death out of me… but I took the chance and let Emily and Nicky go off with her two older ones and they had to meet up with us in an hour at the castle. This was VERY hard for me because I dont even let them stay home alone for a half hour- letting them go off like that in a very big park was a scary thought. But Ed kept reassuring me that they knew the park like the back of their hands and they would be fine. We then took the pile of little kids over to adventureland. I would stay with the strollers and let my friends go on teh rides with the little ones.

Drakey was sleeping and the baby was sleeping so I was managing two double strollers and one single stroller from entrance to exit on the different rides- Im SO dang talented!!!

After the hour was up we headed over to meet the kids and they were right where we were expecting them- I was so proud!! They however decided that going alone was no fun and that Mama is what makes it fun so they stayed with us for the rest of the trip. My friends on the other hand could not handle the heat and very tired/crabby kids so they went on IASW with us and then went to go home. As we were leaving IASW we were going to peter pan. We got to the ride and Ed asked where Parker was…OMG!!!
“PARKER!!! PARKER!!! PARKER!!!” Im screaming at the top of my lungs over at IASW- nobody was helping me!!! SCREAMING AGAIN!!! I turn around and there he was running to me!
“I saw your yellow shirt and you were yelling for me” he found ME! Thank god for the yellow dorkmans! But it was very frightening and very upsetting!

We took the kids on a few more rides and then my other friend who lives in orlando called my cell- she was at the park and wanted to meet up for a while. She had been there all morning as it was her daughters birthday. Nori and Parker are 12 weeks apart so it was fun to get them together.

We started going on rides together and did toon town and tomorrowland together. By now it was time to meet up with my other Dorkmans for a sitdown dinner at WCC so we said goodbye and headed to the boat- did I mention that my kids are all so silly!!


I forgot to add that he also took all the shakers and maracas and put them in the now empty flower box and then dumped them on the floor in the main Isle and proceded to breakdance on them. It was so funny!! and then he got up and left the mess there and started stealing coffee pots- it was cute!


yeah- photobucket is back! Ill go back and add some pics