We rented points again this year. I was able to get 2 rooms at Boardwalk, but then a close friend of mine and her family decided to join us. Unfortunately they were only able to get WL, which is fine, but we wanted to be together. The person we rented from put us on the wait list. I just got a call from the fabulous person that I rent from(you know who you are!!)- our wait list came through!!! I am sooooo excited!! Just wish my girlfriend would answer her darn phone so I can tell her!! And I just realized we are double digit dancing–95 more days!!!:laugh:


Great news!


Congrats! I’m glad that worked out for you. It will be fun to have everyone staying near each other!




Sounds like a fun trip! Congrats!


YAY!!! Now if I can just get my call for the Beach Club for this October I would be dancing too…I guess everyone just wants to be able to stumble back to the room after a tour around the world at the F&W.


Good for you! I hope you and your friends have a great trip.


Congrats to you!!! It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


It’s all in the pixie dust. I steal as much as I can smuggle out every trip. :angel: :laugh: Some times it even works. Still sort of amazed got it. :tinkerbell: MUST have been the pixie dust.


Good things come to those who are deserving…

Sometimes in strange ways…whether “easy”, with some work, or by a “hard” life-lesson…those who are deserving get rewarded eventually…

Have a GREAT time!!!